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Coloring & Learn 1.72
"Coloring and Learn" is an realistic coloring game with morethan200 pages with educational content for all ages!. "Free Mode":nowyou can freely draw, doodle, color and unleash yourimagination.The whole family, parents and children will have hoursof funtogether! Can draw and coloring in the same way they do onpaperusing different tools. You can have fun coloring with yourkids ordo coloring contests with them. The possibilities areendless. Theylearn to write the alphabet and numbers. Count,Distinguishgeometric figures, know the animals, transportation andmore!Decorate your artworks with over 100 beautiful stickers.Promotesthe development of imagination, the arts, and increases theabilityof concentration and fine motor skills of children. Saveyourcreations in the album and edit them at any time! Shareyourdoodles with your family and friends via Facebook,Twitter,Instagram, WhatsApp, email, and more... The game is veryfun,simple and educational for all ages. It works perfectly inallsmartphones and tablets *** COLLECTIONS *** ★ ANIMALS (to learntheName of Animals) ★ VEHICLES (to learn the most common meansoftransport) ★ ALPHABET (to learn Alphabets from A to Z) ★NUMBERS(to learn Numbers from 0 to 10) ★ GEOMETRIC FIGURES (tolearn basicGeometric Figures and Space) ★ CONNECT POINTS (to learntocount,and improve motor skills) ★ CHRISTMAS (Beautifulfunnycoloring drawings) ★ HALLOWEEN (Funny characters that do notscareanyone) ★ DINOSAURS (know our friends from prehistory) ★ FREEMODE(unleash your imagination) *** FEATURES *** ★ All content is100%FREE ★ Simple design and very intuitive for children. ★Differentstrokes of pencil and colors ★ Colors with flash effect(dynamicrandom color for endless bright colors) ★ Over 100adorablestickers to decorate your paintings. ★ Eraser function. ★“Undo”function and “Clear All” function. ★ Save drawings in thealbum tothen share or edit them. *** DO YOU LIKE OUR APP? *** Helpus andtake a few seconds to rate it and write your opinion onGooglePlay. Your contribution will enable us to improve and developnewfree games.
Paket Belajar Lengkap Anak 1.1.13
Paket Game edukasi anak cerdas untuk belajar : 1. Mengenal huruf2.Mengenal Angka 3. Huruf Hijaiyah Alif, Ba, Ta, Tsa, Jim, Kha,Kho,Dal, Dzal, Ro, Zai, Sin, Syin sampai Ya 4. Jenis WarnaMerah,Hijau, Kuning, Biru, Ungu, Hitam dan warna lainnya 5. BentukDasarPersegi Empat, Segitiga, Lingkaran, Trapesium dan lain lain 6.NamaBuah-buahan yaitu buah Apel, Anggur, Mangga, Jeruk,Strawberry,Nanas dan lain-lain 7. Nama Hewan diantaranya Bebek,Ayam Jago,Kucing, Ikan, Lebah, Kupu-Kupu, Anjing dan lain-lain 8.Nama alattransportasi diantaranya kapal laut, mobil, kapal terbang,motor,kereta dan lain-lain 9. Mengenal jenis alat musik 10.Latihanmenulis huruf dan angka 11. Latihan mewarnai Semogabermanfa'atEducational game package smart kids to learn: 1. Knowthe letter 2.Know the Score 3. Letter Hijaiyah Alif, Ba, Ta, Tsa,Jim, Kha, Kho,Dal, Dzal, Ro, Zai, Sin, shin until Yes 4. Type ColorRed, Green,Yellow, Blue, Purple, Black and other colors 5. BasicShapes FourSquare, Triangle, Circle, Trapezoid and others 6. NameFruits areapples, Grapes, Mango, Orange, Strawberry, Pineapple andothers 7.Name of Animals such as duck, rooster, Cat, Fish,Bees,Butterflies, dogs and others 8. Name of transport equipmentsuch asships, cars, airplanes, motorcycles, trains, etc. 9. Knowthe typesof musical instruments 10. Practice writing letters andnumbers 11.Exercise coloring May be useful
Game Anak Edukasi Hewan Laut 2.2.0
Game anak seri edukasi hewan laut merupakan permainanpembelajaranyang ditujukan kepada anak-anak untuk memperkenalkandunia lautkepada mereka dan didalamnya terdapat berbagai permainanantaralain: • Mengenal hewan laut • Bermain puzzle • Permainanmewarnaigambar • Tebak Hewan • Tebak Bentuk • Demam Laut Ujiketerampilananak dengan bermain puzzle dan kembangkan kreativitasanak denganpermainan mewarnai gambar. Simpan hasil mewarnai anakanda dalambentuk gambar. Dengan mempergunakan permainan ini, anakanda akandapat bermain sekaligus belajar mengenal binatang-binatangyanghidup di dalam laut dengan cara yang lebih menyenangkan.Permainanini juga dapat digunakan untuk pendidikan anak usia dini(PAUD).Game child education series marine animal is a learning gameaimedat children to introduce the marine world to them and therearevarious games such as: & Bull; Getting to know marineanimals& Bull; playing puzzle & Bull; Game coloringpictures &Bull; Guess the Animal & Bull; Guess Shape &Bull; Seafever Test skills of children with puzzles and develop achild'screativity with the game coloring pictures. Save the resultsofyour child coloring in drawings. By using this game, yourchildwill be able to play at the same time learn about the animalsthatlive in the sea with a more pleasant way. This game can alsobeused for early childhood education (ECD).
Coloring pages for children : transport 1.0.6
From an early age, all the kids love to play, are veryinquisitive,through the game they get to know the world aroundthem, they wantto learn something new, are fond of different kindsofcreativity.One of the types of children's creativity isdrawing.For young artists, our new game "Coloring for Children:Transport"is dedicated.Razoukrashki are developing games forchildren thatwill help kids to discover their inner creativepotential, toreveal and develop the hidden potentialities of yourchild, todevelop attention, memory, imagination, perseverance, andhelp totrain fine motor skills. Also, coloring makes a child think,learn,help to acquire new knowledge and skills, with pleasure andbenefitspend your time.Our games will give your kid the opportunityusingbrushes and paints not only learn how to draw and paint allkindsof pictures, but also introduce the child to various meansoftransportation. In the form of a game, the kids will find outwhatkinds and types of transport exist. The choice of the gameprovidesa large number of different vehicles - from a fun bike to ahugespace ship.To learn how to draw beautifully the kid will havetouse his imagination and imagination, to put a little zealanddiligence. After all, fantasy has no boundaries, so you can comeupwith and draw everything you want, or choose the picture youlikeand paint it in any color you like.Also, the drawing tool makesitpossible to create drawings from scratch, and in the "color" mode-choose the image you like and fill in the painted parts ofvehicleswith any of the selected flowers, while saturating yourartworkwith bright colors and shades. And the most unusualandfantastically beautiful mode is "neon lights". In it, ayoungartist can paint his masterpiece with bright neon colors,turning aregular picture into a real work of art.All the skillsandabilities that will acquire when playing coloring games willbevery useful for successful schooling and further life. You canplayand learn absolutely anywhere: in nature, at home andeventraveling the world.We learn to draw and in the process ofplayingdevelop our creative abilities, turning into great artistsof ourtime. Develop your children with our game of coloring forkids.Justneed to download the drawing for free and go to the worldofunbridled imagination, learning and playing to createunimaginablebeauty works and drawings. Be sure to visitourhttp://yovogames.comYoutube:
Princess Coloring Book Games 2.2
** Puzzle and coloring book lovers all around the world – anewprincess coloring game is here, with beautiful princesscoloringpages for those that love coloring and painting games, aswell asamazing prince and princess games!** Princess Coloring BookGames** has 3 exciting coloring book modes:-- COLOR GAME MODE –pickyour favorite scene and color it as you wish! Expressyourcreativity!-- BUILD GAME MODE – arrange the elements as youwishand build your own coloring page! Then, color it as youlike!--PUZZLE GAME MODE – complete a task and create a coloringsheet –put all elements of a princess puzzle in their marked place!Ofcourse, now you should make princess and her animal friends cometolife by coloring them!** Interactive and animated coloringpagesare even more enjoyable than real coloring books – in thisprincesscolor book, objects on the coloring sheet can move, danceand waveto you! Princess and animals start to move when painted!**Coloringgames can help you learn colors and shapes while coloringpicturesof princesses, animals, cars or anything else! Also, withour fairykingdom coloring book, you can learn animal sounds! Everyanimalmakes a sound when you tap to color it! ** You will enjoy"princesscoloring" because this animated coloring book allows themto paintpictures of princess in a magical farway kingdom!** Ourinteractivecoloring book is one of the cutest coloring apps free!Drawing andcoloring games have many amazing benefits, so ourprincess coloringbook game is both educational and fun coloringgame!** In **Princess Coloring Book Games **, you'll find many freecoloringpages with different scenery – a beautiful castle,enchantedforest, lakes – there are so many fantastic princesscoloringsheets for teenage girls 13 and up! ** Choose yourfavouriteprincess coloring game mode and enjoy coloring pages forgirls!Feellike a true artist while coloring princesses in ourprincess gamefor girls!** If you're looking for a great free gamefor 13 yearsold girls or free girl games, our fun coloring booksfor girls withprincess coloring pages are the best drawing andcoloring games andhow to color games for AndroidTM!** Best cartooncoloring booksfree are waiting for you to download them anddiscover why everyoneloves coloring book - free games! In thiscoloring game, you canplay, color and draw!** All coloring pagesare amusing, but we knowthat all girls love princesses and fairytales, so we designed thisbeautiful animated princess coloring bookespecially for oldergirls who enjoy princess painting games! Getprincess coloringpages free and see for yourself how much you willlove thiscoloring app!** Explore the breathtaking kingdom ofcoloring gamesfor girls 13 and up with free princess coloringpages, amazingprince and princess coloring sheets and differentgirls coloringgame modes that make this virtual coloring andpainting gamespecial!** Virtual coloring is amazing, you must tryout animatedcoloring books and princess coloring games and see howcoloringshapes come to life!** Popular coloring games are perfectactivitygames – don't hesitate and download this princess coloringpagesgame ** Princess Coloring Book Games ** right now and haveafantastic coloring and painting experience! Discover alltheamazing benefits of a coloring book and enjoy the beautyofprincess coloring pictures!
Coloring pages - drawing 1.0.28
Kids coloring pages are games for girls and games for boys ofallages, from the smallest to the older children, which helptobroaden their horizons, give an idea of ​​the world aroundthem,make them observant and attentive, developtheirimagination.Coloring for kids give a unique opportunity foryourkids to try themselves in another form of children's creativity-this is drawing.Educational games, such as coloring pages,helpkids from early on to learn to identify the main andcharacteristicfeatures of objects, their color, size and shape,distinguish themand establish the simplest relationships betweenobjects, anddevelop small motor skills, attention, memory, logicalthinking Andcolor perception.Coloring allows the child to createhis own uniqueand unique world. When a child draws or paints apicture, hereveals his inner creative potential.When your childplays incoloring games, he begins to actively explore the world, toexploreeverything that is happening around, therefore they occupythe mostimportant place in the development and life of thechild.Coloringpages for kids is a great game for every child, whichgives anopportunity to learn how to fun to draw various objectsandlandscapes, cute and funny little animals. But the main thingthatgives coloring pages for kids is the ability to create andpaintyour favorite pictures over and over again, change colors andleavethe most beautiful option. Such an occupation will nevergetbored.Coloring sheets will take the child for a long time andhelpyou with the kid fun, exciting and with great benefit to spendyourfree time.That's why we create educational games andotherapplications that help them to know the world around them,revealtheir potential and creativity.You need only downloadcoloringgames for kids and start creating your firstartisticmasterpiece.----------------------Be sure to visit ourwebsite at and also weat:Youtube:
Belajar Anak Usia Dini 2.0.0
Bimbingan Belajar Anak untuk Usia Dini: 1. Belajar mengenalhurufabjad A sd Z 2. Mengenal angka 3. Belajar huruf Hijaiyyah4.Mengenal jenis buah-buahan 5. lagu anak-anak terdiri sepuluhlaguanak Indonesia 6. Belajar menulis huruf abjad Child GuidanceforEarly Age: 1. Learn to recognize the letters of the alphabet Ato Z2. Know numbers 3. Learn Hijaiyyah letters 4. Know the typesoffruits  5. Children's songs consist of tenIndonesianchildren's songs  6. Learn to write letters of thealphabet
Nobita Super Heroes Coloring 5.0.1
Super Heroes Coloring game is a sweet package for your mobile.Itwill be a love game for him or her if they like to playpaint,brushes, books, drawings, dye and cleanup games. They willenjoy ita lot and provide you a huge time to get relax. Andmeanwhile theywill learn how to paint, remember colors and decoratethe game.Each characters in this coloring book are already chooseand pickfor your children so we guarantee that every girl in theworldwould love and like to paint it. So pick up your brush andenjoyyour holiday with our lovely creature. Coloring pages forkidsanywhere you want to paint nobita a coloring games for kids isafree app and it does not require any internet connection. Havefunon holiday, in the garden or during a long hours flight. Letyourkid be creative and relaxed.Super Heroes Coloring GameFeatures:★High quality color pages.★ Save & Share your doraemoncoloringpages.★ Kids beginner friendly drawing★ Working good withmobile ortablet.★ Amazing graphics for kids★ Pinch to zoom in/outfordetails★ Basic skills: attention, memory and thinking★ Allcontentis 100% FREE★ The app even works offline!★ Unique drawingfree gamefor toddlers★ Preschool and kindergarten games for kidsdownloadfor free★ Simple design and very intuitive for children.★Differentstrokes of pencil and colors★ Develop pre-writing skills★Coloringbook for kids★ “Undo” function and “Clear All” function.★No in-apppurchase 100% Free Educational GameGive them doramoncoloring pagesthe explorer and watch what they will make out ofthese drawings.If spending time with kids coloring pages is whatyour kids trulyenjoy, don't stop them. While they are busyexploring the limits oftheir imagination, you will enjoy thesilence and order in thehouse, and there are days. Let your kidhave the most wonderfultime coloring book!Now check out ourDoremon, Shizuka, Suneo,Nobita, Doremi and friends, also coloringthe time machineadventure in our application list. So feel free andpaint yourfavorite this little girls and their friends as you love.We offeryou an extensive book of little magical friends you canchoose aimage that you like and start to color. DISCLAIMER:Allimages usedin this app are believed to be in public domain. If youown rightsto any of the images, and do not wish them to appearhere, pleasecontact us and they will be removed it from theapplication. Thisis not an official game from the publisher ofdoraemon Please notethat the game, characters and animations areprotected and belongto the creators of the game. This applicationaims to provideinformation about playing the game alone.
Coloring games for kids 3.95
Coloring games for pre-k, kindergarten and preschool kids. Theapphas 128 coloring pages that will allow kids to developcreativity,fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Our drawinggame isgreat for both girls and boys of all ages and interests.Coloringbook for toddlers with animals, dolls, school items,musicalinstruments, cars, food, Halloween and Christmas pictures.Drawinggame with a variety of coloring instruments – pencil, brush,spray,crayon, felt-tip pen and chalk. Painting for toddlers –createbeautiful pictures with little effort. Coloring book whereyou cancorrect mistakes – use the special “undo” button. Coloringgame forkids with many pictures to paint – 8 theme packs with 128coloringpages. Our coloring book is perfect for pre-k andkindergartenchildren who love coloring and drawing. Toddlers loveto draw,paint and color in our universal coloring book. Ages: 2, 3,4, 5 or6 years old pre-k, kindergarten and preschool children. Youwillnever find annoying ads inside our app. We are always gladtoreceive your feedback and suggestions.
Kids Learning Box: Preschool 1.3
Kids Learning Game is an all-in-one app for preschoolandkindergarten kids! There are 10 different carefullycreatedcategories: - Numbers flashcards and counting game: Pre-Kkids willlearn numbers up to twelve and practice them with thecountinggame. - Alphabet flashcards: All letters in the alphabetispresented with items having corresponding initial letters. -Colorsand shapes flashcards: Toddlers will learn basic colors andshapeswith these flashcards. - Memory matching game: Preschool kidswillmake brain exercise by playing memory matching game withletters,numbers or shapes. - Practice items game: Toddlers willpractice bytrying to find the correct letters, numbers, shapes orcolors. -Months and days flashcards: 12 months and 7 days areincluded withcute themes. - Coloring book: Kindergarten kids willdraw on emptycanvas or on carefully created shapes. They can usevarious colorsfor drawing and can save their drawings. This sectionis a doodlefor kids. coloring pages arefrom:
Indonesian Children's Songs - Kids Songs 1.1.17
Songs which contains 40 (forty) most popular children songsofIndonesian were created with the aim to educate student withsongsappropriate to the age which is expected to form a goodperson.Anoffline app, just with one download, no longer need aninternetconnection to play.Hope it is useful
Game Edukasi Anak Lengkap 2.1
Game edukasi anak lengkap berisi permainan pendidikan untukputraputri anda usia dini, PAUD maupun TK, meliputi: game memoryyangmelatih daya ingat, mewarnai yang mengasyikkan, pianosertapengenalan huruf, angka, warna, bentuk, buah danbinatangdilengkapi suara pemandu dalam bahasa Indonesia dan bahasaInggris.Game edukasi anak lengkap SekarMedia ini berisi: •Pengenalan huruf• Pengenalan Angka • Pengenalan Warna •Pengenalannama namabinatang, buah buahan, alat musik, kendaraan dll •Gamememori•Mewarnai •Suara Binatang •Permainan Piano •Belajar MenulisFiturGame Edukasi Anak Lengkap ini tersedia dalam modulpengenalanmaupun pertanyaan atau test serta tersedia dalam bahasaIndonesiadan Inggris yang dilengkapi dengan suara dalam keduabahasatersebut. Silahkan download aplikasi game edukasi anaklengkap iniuntuk permainan pendidikan putra putri anda. Gratis.Completechildren's educational game contains educational games foryourearly childhood, early childhood and kindergarten,including:memory games that train memory, exciting coloring, pianoandintroduction of letters, numbers, colors, shapes, fruitsandanimals equipped with guide sounds in language IndonesianandEnglish. This complete child education game SekarMediacontains:& bull; Letter recognition & bull; NumberRecognition • Color Introduction • Introduction of namesof animals,fruits, musical instruments, vehicles etc. bull Gamememory arnaiColoring Binatang Animal Sounds bull Piano Games &bull:Learning to Write This Complete Child Education Game featureisavailable in the introduction module as well as questions ortestsand is available in Indonesian and English equipped withsounds inboth languages. Please download this completechildren'seducational game application for your son's educationalgame. Free.
Drawing for Kids Learning Games for Toddlers age 3
Bini Bambini
CREATE ANIMALS THAT COME TO LIFE in our fun drawing games forkids!Kids paint and color in learning games for kindergarten!Paintinggames for kids have never been so lively and useful! 🦋🐶Your childwill learn how to draw cute characters in a fun andplayful manner.The intricate combination of animations and drawingsmakes thiscolouring app simply unique! This is a unique drawinggame withanimations. Even the youngest little kids will be able tolearn todraw all the characters easily. Delightful sound effects aswell asfun animations will bring lots of joy to the little artists!🤗Inour kids drawing apps for free, your little painter can drawadelightful character step by step: a butterfly, a frog, alittlecar, a hedgehog... Once it is drawn, each character magicallycomesto life: the butterfly starts to flutter and laugh, thehedgehogrolls up into a little ball, the rocket blasts off intospace, andthe frog does its funny hop... By pressing the buttons,childrencan play with their own drawings. The character that thechilddraws will dance, turn somersaults and do funny magic tricks.Thebutterfly happily flaps its wings, the hedgehog rolls into aball,the rocket flies into space, and the frog is jumpingmerrilyaround… “Drawing for Kids! Learning Games for Toddlers age3!”: •30 charming characters in toddler coloring book • Kids paintfreeand trace the lines here • More than 100 fun animations andsounds• Simple and easy interface of learning games for toddlersage 2 -5 • Amusing characters with lots of animation andinteraction •Develop pre-writing skills • Fun sound effects •Develop creativity• Amazing graphics • Possibility to save yourdrawings • Basicskills: attention, memory and thinking • Parentalcontrol and nothird party advertising • Comply with the standardsof “DesignedFor Family”. Enjoy your drawings! Have fun! You willget 4 levelsof toddler games free for 2 year olds! You shoulddownload the fullversion to enjoy all levels unlocked. Develop yourchild'screativity and imagination. The most important thing isthatpainting for kids will turn into fun and intriguing processwhichwill bring a lot of joy. 🌟About BINI BAMBINI:🌟 These coloringgamesfor kids have been created by Bini Bambini, a softwarecompanywhich develops fun learning apps. Our toddler drawing gamesaredistinguished by high quality content with particular attentiontodesign. The simple and user-friendly interfaces of our kidsdrawinggames for free have been especially created for little ones.Thepurpose of all our apps is aimed for your child'sall-rounddevelopment. As a company we strive to make our appspractical,instilling a desire for knowledge, interest in readingandstudying. Your child will learn the alphabet, letters, numbersandphonics in our educational games for kids kindergartenage.Children are exposed to writing and counting throughbuildingpuzzles, doing simple math. We’re very happy that from thegreatnumber of the apps you choose exactly our app! We’re proud tohavegot Editors choice and recognition for our apps!👪
Masha and the Bear: Free Coloring Pages for Kids 1.4
👨‍🎨Educational games coloring pages for toddlers! It’s anawesomecoloring pictures game! Open yourself up to some newexperiencesand discover a talented artist! Wonderful palette ofcolors andmagic brushes will help you in these kids learning games.🤗Whodoesn’t like coloring and drawing games, create some coolpictureswith coloring sheets for girls and boys? Masha asking yourbaby forhelp. Try these art games for free. Easy coloring book forgirls -the first step of young artists! 🌼In these learning gamesyou canuse all the colors in the world! Your child will never gettired ofusing children games drawing book, coloring and drawingcoolpictures and play color girl games with Masha. A hint: paintovereverything with a magic wand and the original picture willbeready! 🎨There are a lot of various themes and patterns foranychild. Your baby will learn how to express his thoughts andcreatethe first piece of art. Preschool games with painting areanexcellent lesson to develop creative and fantasy. ✍Do youlikeanimals and Masha and the Bear games? So let’s paint together!Wecreated non-standard kids learning games to develop such skillsinpreschoolers as accuracy, memory and creative abilities.📝Simpleintuitive interface of the coloring pages for toddlers andourcolor girl games contains a lot fun! What else can you find inoureducational games with animals? - children’s games drawing bookforkids from 2 to 9 years; - learning games for those who lovefunnycartoons for kids with voice acting; - painting games for boyswiththe characters of the famous cartoon, where Masha accompaniestheplayer completely. - coloring pictures game with the possibilitytosave pictures in the gallery and show off to parents andfriendswith their awesome work; - there are albums with emptycoloringsheets for girls and boys; - easy coloring book for girlswithMasha and the Bear develop logic and visual memory; - drawingforchildren 3 4 5 years games for children for every taste;
Mudah Belajar Abjad 1.66
Mudah Belajar Abjad – merupakan aplikasi pendidikan anak usiadiniuntuk belajar mengenal, menghafal dan menulis abjad/huruf a –z.Didalam aplikasi ini terdapat pilihan menu belajar, dimanaanakbisa memilih belajar secara berurutan, atau menunjuksendiriabjad-abjad yang ingin dikenal cukup dengan menekantombolotomatis. Disamping itu disediakan modul untuk belajarmenulisabjad/huruf. Untuk pemantapan, kami menyediakan 3 (tiga)permainanabjad/huruf yang terdiri dari: - Tebak abjad - Tebak abjadyangtelah di acak - Memori urutan abjad Mari belajar sambil bermain:)keyword: huruf, abjad, alfabet
Drawing for Kids and Toddlers! Painting Apps!
Bini Bambini
🎨 Drawing games for kids – art for kids! Learn to draw withdrawinggames free. Coloring games for kids are toddler games freefor 3year olds where your child create mystic characters that cometolife! 🦇🕷👻 Kids drawing games for free is an app which giveslittlechildren a wonderful opportunity to create and explore thecreativeprocess of visual art🖼. Your child will learn to drawcutecharacters in a fun and playful manner.😁 The intricatecombinationof animations and drawings makes this fun drawing appsfor toddlersimply unique!👍 🤗 In kids drawing apps for free yourtoddler drawcharming characters such a bat, a ghost, a spider andmany otherobjects. Every character comes to life after you finishdrawing it.It's like magic! ✨ The bat🦇 happily flaps its wings, thehedgehogrolls into a ball, and the spider🕷 is jumping merrilyaround… It’sunique for all kids drawing apps for free.😊 👾 Kidsdrawing gamesfor free is unique fun drawing apps for toddler withfunny monstersand lots animations. Even the baby can draw all thecharacterseasily. Delightful sound effects as well as funanimations willbring lots of joy to the little artists!😃🎨 👻 KEYFEATURES: 👉 6charming characters for toddler drawing games for 3year olds inenglish 👉 Kids paint free in learning games fortoddlers age 2 - 5👉 Trace the lines and learn to draw kids 👉 Simpleand easyinterface of toddler drawing apps free 👉 Amusing characterswithlots of animation and interaction 👉 Develop pre-writing skills👉Kids drawing and colouring app 👉 Fun sound effects 👉Developcreativity 👉 Toddler games free for 3 year olds withamazinggraphics 👉 Possibility to save your drawings (painting forkids) 👉Kids games for girls 5 to 7 years old and boys developbasicskills: attention, memory and thinking 👉 Parental control 👉Developpre-writing skills 🤓"Drawing for Kids and Toddlers! PaintingApps"is a free drawing app that will develop your child'screativity,fine motor skills and imagination. The most importantthing is thatdrawing will turn into fun and intriguing processwhich will bringa lot of joy and discoveries to your draw kids.Toddler drawinggames for 3 year olds are magic painting games! 🎃Art coloring anddrawing games for kids free – a drawing fun! Createcharacters thatcome to life in monster games for kids. Learn todraw in freecoloring games for kids 3 years free! Enjoy yourdrawings! Havefun!😍 🌟About BINI BAMBINI:🌟 🤗 Toddler drawing appsfree have beencreated by Bini Bambini, a software company whichdevelopseducational games for toddlers and young children. Ourlearninggames for toddlers age 2 - 5 are distinguished by highqualitycontent with particular attention to design. The simpleanduser-friendly interfaces of our apps have been especiallycreatedfor little ones. The purpose of all our apps is aimed foryourchild's all-round development. Toddler coloring pages! Withourkids games for girls 5 to 7 years old and boys kids learnthealphabet, letters, numbers and phonics. These paint gamesforlittle kids help to develop memory, attention span, vocabularyandspeech, as well as other basic skills. Children are exposedtowriting and counting through building puzzles and doingsimplemath. 😉As a company we strive to make our appspractical,instilling a desire for knowledge, interest in readingandstudying.
Painting and drawing game
Free paint and drawing game. Draw your own drawing or paint thefreecoloring pages. This app is designed to be fun and easy to usefor amixed audience of all ages, from young to old. Easynavigation makesit not only usable for adults, but also easy touse for younger boysand girls. We get lots of positive feedbackfrom women of all ages,kids, teenagers and adults. Evengrandparents find it fun to paintand color in this app. Drawingand painting gives lots of fun and isgreat for the creativity.This game is a free coloring book fortoddlers, for children andfor adults. We put many free coloringpages in the app which youcan color and paint and share with familyor friends. But for morecreativity it is also possible to draw yourown drawing. -Easy toplay -Share your drawing via email, Facebook,etc. -Save and loadyour coloring pages -Create your own drawing-Intuitive icons andnavigation. Easy game play -Pro version withoutads and popupsavailable So start draw and paint now in this fun appfor theentire family.
Coloring games : coloring book 1.0.21
Kids coloring pages are games for children of all ages, fromthesmallest ones to older children, which help to broadentheirhorizons, develop imagination, give an idea of ​​the worldaroundthem, make them observant and attentive, give a uniqueopportunityfor your kids to try themselves in yet another formChildren'screativity and feel like a real artist.Educational gameshelp yourkids from early on to learn to distinguish the basicandcharacteristic features of objects, their color, size andshape,distinguish them and establish the simplest relationshipsbetweenobjects, and develop attention, fine motor skills, memory,logicalthinking and color perception.A child can create his ownunique andunique world with the help of pencils and paints. When achilddraws or paints a picture, he reveals his inner creativepotential.Creating your first masterpieces in the role of the realartist -your kid begins to actively explore the world, toexploreeverything that is happening around, so these games andoccupy themost important place in the development and life ofthechild.Coloring pages for kids is a great game for everychild,which gives an opportunity to learn how to depict variousobjectsand landscapes, cute and funny little animals. But the mainthingthat this game gives is the ability to create and decorateyourfavorite pictures over and over again, change colors and leavethemost beautiful option, take the child for a long time and helpyouwith your baby to spend your free time fun, exciting and withgreatbenefit. Such an occupation will never get bored.That's whywecreate games and other applications that help kids in theknowledgeof the world, reveal their potential and creativity.Youneed onlydownload coloring games for kids and start creating yourfirstartistic masterpiece.----------------------Be sure to visitourwebsite at and also weat:Youtube:
Baby Paint - Coloring book 1.2.0
"Baby paint" is a coloring book game intended for children from1year.You have several categories of drawings grouped by theme,aswell as a general category.It also incorporates a canvas blanksochildren get carried away by your imagination.Drawing has 2modes:filling areas and free drawing; and has 10 colorsavailable.Thecategories include:- Vehicles: car, truck, bike, plane...-Sporting objects: balls, rackets, gloves ...- Monuments:statues,bridges, buildings ...- Farm animals: dog, cow, horse ...-Jungleanimals: lion, snake, elephant ...Each pack includes drawingatleast 10 images.
Paket Belajar Lengkap TK & PAUD 5.6.2
Paket aplikasi yang terdiri dari modul membaca, berhitung,menulis,mengaji, bahasa inggris, serta dilengkapi dengan gameyangmendidik. Fitur: ★ Belajar Angka, Menulis Angka &BelajarBerhitung ★ Belajar Huruf, Menulis Huruf & BelajarMembaca ★Belajar Hijaiyah, Menulis Hijaiyah & Belajar IqraDasar ★Belajar Bahasa Inggris ★ Belajar Menggambar & Mewarnai★Kumpulan Lagu Anak Terbaik ★ Permainan Edukasi ★ Aplikasimudahdigunakan ★ Bisa digunakan secara offline/tanpainternetApplication package consists of modules in reading, math,writing,lessons, English, and equipped with educational games.features: ★Learning Numbers, Learning Writing Numbers &Counting ★ LearnLetter, Writing Letters & Learning Reading ★Learning Hijaiyah,Writing Hijaiyah & Iqra Learning Basics ★Learn English ★Learning Drawing & Coloring ★ set Best ChildSongs ★Educational Games ★ App is easy to use ★ Can be used offline/without internet
Belajar Menulis Huruf / Angka 2.2
Aplikasi game belajar menulis huruf dan angka ini masuk dalamseripermainan pendidikan untuk anak usia dini untuk mengenalkanabjadsekaligus sebagai sarana belajar menulis huruf serta angka dansukukata. Dilengkapi dengan panduan arah penulisan sertasuarapengucapan abjad dan angka, membuat proses belajar menulishurufdan angka menjadi menyenangkan. Aplikasi belajar menulisiniberisi: Huruf kapital A - Z Huruf kecil a - z Angka 0 - 9 SukuKataSilahkan download aplikasi mengenai belajar menulis huruf danangkaini. Gratis. Applications game learn to write letters andnumbersentered in the series of educational games for youngchildren tointroduce the alphabet as well as a means of learning towriteletters as well as numbers and syllables. Equipped withvoiceguidance directions of writing and pronunciation of alphabetandnumbers, making the process of learning to write lettersandnumbers to be enjoyable. Learn to write this applicationcontains:Capital letters A - Z Small letter a - z Figures 0-9SyllablesPlease download the application on learning to write theselettersand numbers. Free.
Princess Coloring Game
Free princess coloring book game. If you love beautifulprincessesor queens and like to draw or paint this free game is foryou. Freecoloring book for all fans of princesses with 80+ coloringpages.Lots of designs with lovely princesses and princes,castles,beautiful dresses and hairstyles, horses, garden and manymore.This app is designed to be fun and easy to use for a mixedaudienceof all ages, from young to old. Easy navigation make it notonlyusable for adult women, but also easy to use for girls. We getlotsof positive feedback from women of all ages, kids, teenagersandadult women. Even grandmothers find it fun to paint and colorinthis app. You can paint all designs with different colors andyoucan paint their hair, clothes, makeup and crown or tiara. Butyoualso have the option to draw your own drawing or workwithstickers. - Fun to play -Save and load your coloring pages-Many,many different colors This game is fun for the entire family.Bothgirls of all ages and adult women love to paint theprincesses.When you're done and have made a nice picture you caneasily storeyour design to use as wallpaper or share it withfriends or family.We have a coloring book full of free pages ofprincesses in manydifferent themes which you can paint and draw: -Princesses inbeautiful dresses with long hair. - Pricesses in lovewith theirprince - With horses or other animals - In front of theircastle Ifyou or your daughter likes princesses you will also enjoycoloringand painting the models in this app. And with all thecolors youcan chose from you can also makeover and color the makeupand hairof these beautiful girls. Can you make them look like arealprincess?
Coloring Book - Kids Paint 1.64
Simple and funny game to develop creativity for all ages andtastes.All Family will enjoy it. • 100% FREE content. • More than200drawings to color and decorate • Simple and intuitive designfor allages • Pencils, brushes, crayons, different strokes andcolors. •Many stamps and backgrounds to decorate. • Specialeffects throughthe use of dynamic and bright colors. • Undo andEraser function forpartial or total deletion. • Save drawings inthe album to edit them• Share drawings using Whatsapp, Instagram,Facebook, Twitter oremail The little ones can doodle, decorate andcolor freely withoutworrying about the neatness while the olderones and even adults canchallenge themselves to color within thelimits of each drawing andeven draw freely. It is an applicationfor all ages that encouragesand helps to learn, develop creativityin an intelligent and funway. This entertaining game allows you todraw, color, paint,decorate and embellish in a very simple way, inthe same way as on apaper, book or magazine, using differentoptions to paint asbrushes, crayons or pencils. Creativity istested by coloring,drawing, painting and decorating works withmultiple stamps andgraphics of star, moon, sun, clouds, balls,candy, candies, sweets,teddy bears, rainbows, shooting stars,flowers, bees, butterflies,unicorns, fish, hearts, flying saucers,space rockets, snails, bows,kisses and delicious ice creams onmultiple galleries. The creationscan be shared by WhatsApp,Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or email,among other options. Thedrawings can be saved in the applicationfor editing and continueat any time. The app works on both Tabletsand Phones. ---COLLECTIONS --- • ANIMALS • PRINCESSES • HALLOWEEN •TOYS • CIRCUS• FRIENDLY MONSTERS • SPORTS --- Do you like our freeapplication?--- Help us and take a few moments to write youropinion on GooglePlay. Your contribution allows us to improve anddevelop newapplications for free!.
Soal Ujian SD 1.6
Soal Ujian Sekolah Dasar (SD) merupakan permainanedukasiataupendidikan yang menyajikan soal-soal ujian sekolahdasarsebagaisarana belajar para siswa dan siswi. game ini terdiridarisemuakelas mulai dari kelas 1 sampai kelas 6yangmemuatpelajaran-pelajaran di sekolah sepertiMatematika,BahasaIndonesia, IPA, IPS, Kewarganegaraan, BahasaInggris, SeniBudaya,ujian nasional dan Pendidikan Agama Islam. gameini membuatandamengasah otak dengan pertanyaan yang disajikan.Padasetiaplevelgame terdiri dari 20 soal pilihan berganda. Denganadanya gameinianda bisa bermain sambil belajar karena tujuan darigame iniadalahuntuk mendidik agar lebih cerdas dan cermatdalammengasahpengetahuan dan wawasan anda.Adapun beberapa fituryangdisediakandalam permainan Soal Ujian Sekolah ini adalahfiturCerdas Cermatdan Duel Otak bersama teman anda untukmembuktikantingkatpengetahuan anda dan teman anda. game ini adalahgame ringandantidak perlu koneksi internet untukmemainkannya.Semogadenganadanya game ini membuat anda lebih pintar,jenius,menjadiperingkat kelas, cerdas, dan menjadi yangterbaikdalampendidikan.ayo mainkan game inisekarang......!!!!!!!Janganlupaberi bintang 5 untuk mendukung danmenghargai game karyaindonesiaini serta semoga yang memberi bintang5 mudah mudahanlulus ujiandan mendapat nilai yang memuaskan.ExamElementary School(SD) is aneducational game or educational servingexam questionsprimaryschool as a means of learning of the students.This gameconsistsof all classes ranging from grade 1 to grade 6thatincludeslessons in schools such as Mathematics, BahasaIndonesia,Science,Social Studies, Civics, English, Arts andCulture, thenationalexam and Islamic Education. This game makes yousharpen thebrainwith questions presented.At every level of the gameconsistsof 20multiple choice questions. With the existence of thisgame youcanplay while learning for the purpose of this game is toeducatetobe more intelligent and meticulously hone yourknowledgeandinsight.As for some of the features provided in thegameExamSchools are features and Duel Brain Quiz along yourfriendstoprove your level of knowledge and your friends. This gameis agamelightly and do not need an internet connectiontoplay.Hopefullywith this game makes you smarter, genius, intoclassrank,intelligent, and become the best in education.let's playthisgamenow ...... !!!!!!!Do not forget to give 5 to supportandappreciatethe work of Indonesia's game and hopefully that gives5hopefullypass the exam and get a satisfactory value.
123 Draw🎨 Toddler counting for kids Drawing games
Bini Bambini
🎓 Your children will be introduced to the big world ofdifferentconcepts such as learning numbers, draw animals fortoddlers andkids etc. Unbelievable adventures and exciting babyalive games arewaiting for you in the kids number games fortoddlers.👶 Your Childaccompanied by the Little child's voice, whichwill take theirfirst steps in math. This toddler coloring gamesfree for 3 yearolds addresses various topics such as: countingnumbers 1 to 10,draw animals for toddlers and kids, writing numbersfor kids.Whileplaying these learning games for kindergarten freeyour child willget acquainted with numbers for toddlers and earlymath forkindergarten. “123 Draw🎨 Toddler counting for kids Drawinggames”includes:1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣ COUNTING NUMBERS 1 TO 10Number games forkidswhich give little children a wonderful opportunity to createandexplore the creative process of visual art. Draw for toddlersandkids and learn mathematical counting for kids with cutecharactersin a fun and playful manner with number learning forkids. 🎓👶 LEARNTO COUNT AND WRITE NUMBERS FOR KIDSLearning games fortoddlers age2, kids number games for toddlers, which improve kidsnumberwriting practice. The unusual combination of fun drawing appswithFree kindergarten games makes this toddler coloring games freefor3 year olds simply unique. 🐸🐱 DRAWING FOR KIDS &OBJECTSCOUNTING FOR TODDLERSIn these games paint charmingcharacters sucha butterfly and many other objects. In toddlercoloring apps everycharacter comes to life after you finish drawingfor children!Learn to write numbers“123 Draw🎨 Toddler counting forkids Drawinggames”:🎨 Toddler drawing games for kids🎨 Freekindergarten gameswith drawing for toddlers 🎨 Learn to draw kidswith numbers fortoddlers🎨 Learn to count in learning games forkindergarten🎨Counting games for kids with drawing for children.These toddlercoloring apps have been created by Bini Bambini, asoftware companywhich develops preschool games for kids andeducational kids games.Our educational games for kids kindergartenare distinguished byhigh quality content with particular attentionto design. Thepurpose of all our free kindergarten games are aimedfor all-rounddevelopment. Our kindergarten learning games free willhelp learnto draw kids, get to know counting for toddlers. Kidsdrawing gamesfor free help preschoolers to develop memory,attention span,vocabulary and speech, as well as logic and finemotor skills.Drawing for kids, writing and counting for childrenthrough playingour educational games for kids kindergarten.As acompany we striveto make our kindergarten learning games freepractical. Our toddlerdrawing games for kids are oriented onall-round development.
ABC DRAW! Alphabet games Preschool! Kids DRAWING 2
Bini Bambini
Looking for kids drawing games or alphabet games for toddlers?Tryour superinteresting toddler drawing apps free. Mix of drawingfortoddlers and abc games for kids!🎨 ✍🎓There is awonderfulopportunity to awaken interest for the alphabet for kidsin a veryearly age. These preschool games for kids will teach yourchild ina entertaining and joyful way the alphabet & get toknow newwords. It will also develop your child´s fine motor skillsand theability to draw simple objects. 🎨 In these learning gamespreschoolyour kid will write step by step by an example neatfigures andcharacters, following hints given by a motivatingchild´s voice.Then your kids draw a letter and it magically comesto life! Alivekids drawing apps for free: the bee hums joyfully,the hedgehogturns somersaults. Toddlers games, alphabet kids🤗 Yourchild willsurely like the nice animations and funny sounds. It willplay thisdrawing games for kids with great joy. Here kids alphabetgames forlearning letters and sounds of the alphabet. Alphabet fortoddlers.ABC tracing for kids have never been so awesome! “ABCDRAW!Alphabet games Preschool! Kids DRAWING 2” - abc preschoolfree:🌈Joyful preschool games for kids with first letters for kids🌈Abcgames for toddlers and babies🌈 Unusual mix of abc learningletterstoddler with kids drawing games for free🌈 Alphabet games forkidsto learn to draw kids. Abc for toddlersABC games for toddlersandbabies will easy learn abcd games for kids free!ABC toddlergameshas been created by Bini Bambini, a software company whichdevelopsdrawing apps for toddler. Our fun drawing games for kidsaredistinguished by high quality content. The purpose of all ourkidsdrawing apps for free are aimed for your child'sall-rounddevelopment.Our drawing apps for toddler consist ofvariouslearning games for toddlers age 2 that will help with ABCfor kidslearn alphabet. Free educational games for preschoolershelp todevelop memory (tracing ABC for kids learn alphabet, abclearningletters toddler). And the main thing is: learn to draw kidswithjoy thanks to kids games for toddlers! As a company we strivetomake our paint games for little kids practical, instilling adesirefor knowledge, interest in reading and studying.Our toddlerdrawingapps free contain no third party advertising and comply withthestandards of Designed For Family👨‍👩‍👧‍👦There is only a part ofthecontent available in the free version of the application. Togainaccess to the full version, you will need to make abuilt-inpurchase.
Kids Education (Preschool) 2.0.1
Kids education (Preschool) is an educational yet funny filledappintended for 3-6 year old children and covers wide range ofmentalskills. Kids education (Preschool) will help your childdevelophis\her oral skills and widen his\her vocabulary incolors,vegetables and fruits, animals, body parts, emotion, andrelations.It also focuses on math skills like counting andnumberrecognition. The game is divided into 4 sections: ✔ Animalworld:in this section your kid learns the names of the animals andbirds,their sounds, and their dwellings ✔ Basic skills: the childisrequired to learn colors' names, shapes, body partsandcategorization. ✔ High skills: a whole section dedicated tohighoral and sematic skills, matching between objects and theirrawmaterials, and completing the puzzle shape. ✔ ABC math: dealswithnumber recognition, counting and matching between the numberandthe quantity that represents it, matching between lettersandanimals' images, blending colors and more. Key features: ✔ Safeappthat contains no 3rd party ads ✔ Your child can navigate iteasilyby himself. ✔ Available in 11 languages including:English,Spanish, French, Arabic Portuguese, German and more. ✔Contains 96puzzles ✔ Colorful graphic ✔ Education preschool quotes✔ Solarsystem for kids (planets, sun, space, universe) ✔Educational gamesfor preschool ✔ Logical apps for toddlers ✔ Namesof letters ✔Sound of animal for toddlers ✔ Colors for toddlers appfree ✔Entertain game and apps for preschoolers ✔ Shapes for babiesapps ✔Numbers for kids games ✔ Talking alphabet ✔ Educational babygamesfree ✔ Education puzzles for preschool ✔ Human body partsforeducation ✔ Real cute animals for preschool ✔ Shapes and colors✔Baby learn ABC and numbers ✔ Letters and numbers ✔ LearningABCwith fun ✔ Math puzzle games for kids ✔ Educational games forkidsage 4-6 and activities free preschool ✔ Learning games for kids✔Children recognize letters ✔ Phonics education ✔ Preschoolerslearnreal English words ✔ Help parents teach their kids ✔ Trainmemory ✔Improve pronunciation About Forqan Smart Tech. Forqan a developer of educational and entertaining apps intendedtochild's benefit. All our apps are made by a group ofchildspecialists and literacy specialists so that all the skills weworkon are scientifically proven as good predictors of readingandwriting in elementary school. For more information about uspleasevisit our Facebook page or contact us on theemail:[email protected]
Kids Doodle 1.6
★ Kids Doodle is the best drawing app for people who lovedrawing!Kids Doodle is new coloring game to draw on photo or canvasforeverybody. Color and draw with Kids Doodle and create magicdoodleartwork with neon paint!Kids Doodle is very easy to use. Ifyoulove doodle draw you will love Kids Doodle app!★Kids Doodle isthebest app for people who want to relax and have fun! You cancreatefunny picture with doodles or draw on photo everythingyouwant!★Kids Doodle is perfect for kids 2-8 years old to drawspace,neon doodle or magic doodle pages! ★ Kids Doodle is super forbabypaint art or toddler drawing! Kids Doodle is the best drawingappfor adults also! Kids Doodle is free and Kids Doodle is thebestcoloring app to relax paint or joy drawing! ★ Kids Doodleprovideset of awesome coloring tools and brushes: neon painting,starsdrawing, hearts paint, glow paint, sketch drawing,rainbowpainting, crayons painting, paint on a black background!...★KidsDoodle is very easy to use:1. Select paint on canvas oreditphoto2. Select one of 17 magic brushes (neon, glow,rainbow,crayon, spray...)3. Undo, Redo, Eraser features!4. Randomcolorsare super bright!5. Save and Share your magic doodlingpicture withyour friends and family in Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, WhatsAppand other social networks.★ Draw on picture ordraw on photo withnew Kids Doodle magic game!★ Kids Doodle isabsolutely FREE✔ No paycontent✔ No registration✔ No coins✔Everything is free★ Enjoy andhave fun with best Kids Doodle drawingapplication!Try Kids Doodleright now absolutely FREE!
Kids puzzles 3 and 4 years old 1.95
Kids puzzles is an educational game for kids and toddlers ages 1to5. It will help toddlers to develop such basic skills asfinemotor, attentiveness, coordination and visual perception.Kidspuzzles is not just another puzzle game for kids –beforecollecting puzzles babies will be able to color the animalwithmagic brush. After the puzzle is assembled, there will be acuteanimation that will definitely entertain pre-kindergarten kids.Wehave different toddler puzzle sets: - Animal puzzles -Christmaspuzzles - Fairy tales puzzles - Sweets puzzles - Spacepuzzles -Sea puzzles About Kids puzzles: - Kids game for toddlersages 1 to5 - Puzzles for kids to develop logical thinking andcoordination -Coloring for kids that will entertain both girls andboys Ages: 1,2, 3, 4 and 5 years old pre-kindergarten andkindergarten kids.Kids puzzles are perfect for children who want tolearn by playing.You will never find annoying ads inside our app.We are always gladto receive your feedback and suggestions.
Kids Learning Games - Numbers 123 MATH -Indonesian 1.0.0
Kids Learning Games - Numbers 123 and MATH App isIndonesianLearning Games about Learning Numbers and Writing Numbers123 withSound , Counting , Quiz and Educational Games for kid (puzzlegames/Drag & Drop Games , Memory Match Games) andLearning MathOperation such as : Addition, Subtraction , DivisionandMultiplication .Kids Learning Games - Numbers 123 and MATH Appispart of Educational Games Series from Dunia Anak Indonesia ,canused together with Learning Numbers and Letters ( Education KitforKids) , Popular Kids Song , Belajar Membaca, Belajar Angka, andKidEducational Games Application.Kids Learning Games - Numbers 123andMATH App are equipped with funny voice , Images and animationthatmake learning more easier and more fun. Contain EducationalGames& Quiz for kids , making it very attractive for kids/children. Kids can learn numbers and practice Indonesia withthisApplication.Kids Learning Games - Numbers 123 and MATH Appmenus:🔹🔹Learning Numbers ( Read and listening to the numbers ) 1 -20 and30-100 🔹 Flash Card Numbers for counting numbers 1 - 20withattractive images🔹 Writing Numbers🔹 Learning MATH : Add,Subtract ,Divide and Multiply with interactive image 🔹 NumbersQuiz/Exercise( find the numbers, Count the Object)🔹 EducationalGames : Drag andDrop Games, Memory Match Games with 3 level
Goku Superhero Coloring Games for Kids
********* No in-app purchase 100% Free Educational ColoringGames******************* Enjoy the Goku Coloring Book withColorfulColoring Buckets **********Amazing Tool* Zoom in and Zoomout forcolored images* Free hand draw* Magical Eraser* Share yourColoringImageLittle kids and high school children whatever you uptojustget ready Goku Super Hero Coloring Book is an amazing gameandcolor joy for you. Goku Hero is waiting for colors. Leaveyourwidgets, fidgets and toys for a moment and give a look totheseGoku pictures. This coloring game will help you to learn drawandlearn painting and do a lots of coloring on virtual coloringgame.
Coloring book for kids
Coloring app for kids let kids color coloring pages and helpkidslearn and have fun at same time using coloring games. OurPaintingand drawing games for kids contains 150+ coloring pages offourdifferent categories farm animals, wild animals, sea animals,andbirds designed for toddler and kids to keep them entertainedandbusy. ** Categories 1. Alphabets 2. Vehicles 3. Animals 4.Fruits5. Vegetables 6. Flowers ** Key Features Bucket fill a regionDrawwith a pencil and erase using eraser Undo redo your lastcoloraction Save coloring pages Clear coloring area Change pencilsizeOver 80 colors to choose from to color the coloring Ouer150coloring pages
Kids Coloring Book : Cute Animals
kids coloring book is coloring book for kids, toddlers,andpreschool children. It coloring pages and coloring games helpinlearning animal names, colors, and lots more. Coloring gamesareloved by kids and can be used to enforce learning tools forkids.With our coloring games kids will learn and have fun at thesametime. This coloring app contains 100+ beautiful coloring pagesandwill keep your kid engaged for hours while kid is learning atthesame time. Kids draw & Colouring Book is the beautifuldrawingapp designed for kids with super easy-to-use painting oncanvas.coloring game for kids is fun learning for kids as itcontainsverity of coloring pages of different animals likealligator,alpaca, ant, antelope, bear, beaver, bee, black bird,buffalo,bunny, butterfly, camel, cat, caterpillar, chameleon,cheetah, cow,crab, crow, dear, dog, dolphin, donkey, dragonfly,duck, eagle,elephant, emu, ferret, fish, flamingo, fossa, fox,frog, giraffe,goat, goose, gorilla, grasshopper, hamster, hare,hen, hippo,hummingbird, iguana, jackal, jaguar, jellyfish,kangaroo,kingfisher, kiwi, koala, ladybug, lion, lizard, llama,lobster,macaw, manatee, meerkat, monkey, mosquito, mouse,nightingale,octopus, ostrich, otter, owl, panda, panther, parrot,peacock,penguin, pig, pigeon, quail, quokka, raccoon, rhino,scorpion,seahorse, seal, shark, sheep, snail, snake, sparrow,spider,squirrel, tiger, tortoise, toucan, turkey, turtle, vulture,walrus,warthog, weasel, wolf, yak, zebra and many more othercoloringpages. ** Categories 1. Farm Animals 2. Wild Animals 3. SeaAnimals4. Birds 5. Insects ** Key Features Bucket full a regionDraw witha pencil and eraser Undo redo Save coloring pages Clearcoloringarea Animals name voice over to help kid recognize animalsnameColor name voice over when kid choose a color helps kidlearncolors
Coloring Book for Adults
Best coloring book for adults on Android phones and tablets.Andlots of coloring pages and colors are FREE. Beautiful appforrelaxing and relieving stress or doing Mindfulness exercises.Supereasy to use with great variety and options! For hours ofpaintingand drawing for adults. Start drawing and paintingbeautifulpictures now by downloading and playing this game. Manydifferentdesigns and coloring pages of: ★ Animals: Owls, horses,elephantsand butterflies. ★ Mandala and zen illustrations. ★Flowers:realistic and Mandala style ★ Hearts and love coloringpages. ★Famous paintings by artists like Vermeer, van Gogh andLeonardo daVinci And all coloring pages are totally FREE! Have funin thisrelaxing painting experience, sit back, relax and take yourtimefor Mindful coloring games. Simply tap to pick color and paint,allyou need is your imagination! ★ Lots of beautiful illustrationsanddrawings to color, and more are coming in next bi-weekly update!★Real drawing and painting by using brushes and pencils. ★Usestickers of flowers, hearts weather icons and many many moretoillustrate your artwork. ★ Easy to save your work and sharethemwith all your friends. ★ Pinch to zoom in/out, easy coloringgames!★ Unique Mystery option for all Colortime apps. ● Coloringbookshelp reduce stress and relax. Good for a moment of relaxationinthe evening. Also great for Mindfulness exercises. ● Coloringbooksanywhere Colortime is a free app and doesn't need aninternetconnection. Have fun painting and drawing in the garden orduring along journey. Relax and be creative ● Easily share yourpaintings.Share your creations in Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger,Facebook,WhatsApp, Pinterest, Google Plus, Line, Kiko, Twitter,email andSMS. ● Support. We work hard to keep Colortime running onallavailable Android devices. If your run into any issues pleasesendus an email so we can try to solve it for you and otherplayers. ●Age rating Colortime is a free game for all ages.Children, girls,and adults can enjoy it without any restrictions.Have your kidspass time with this app. The best color therapy gameever! Great tohelp you to simply relax or do Mindfulness exercises.Painting anddrawing for adults. And if you like this app we havemany morecoloring pages to offer in our other ColorTime games.Download now!
belajar mengaji 1.0.18
belajar mengaji yg terdiri dari belajar huruf hijaiyah danIqrodasar dibuat untuk memperkenalkan sekaligus mengajarkan padaputraputri kesayangan cara belajar huruf-huruf hijiyah danhurufhijaiyah bertanda fattah, kasroh dan dhomah dengan metodepermainanyang interaktif. Cocok untuk anak-anak usia dini terutamaprasekolah. Konten aplikasi : - Belajar mengenal huruf hijaiyah -Quizmenebak huruf hijaiyah - Mencocokan huruf-huruf hijaiyah -Belajarmengenal huruf hijaiyah bertanda fattah, kasroh, dhomah -Quizmenebak huruf hijaiyah bertanda fattah, kasroh, dhomah -Mencocokanhuruf-huruf hijaiyah bertanda fattah, kasroh, dhomah -Menulishuruf hijaiyah Semoga bermanfaat. Amiin learn the Koranwhichconsisted of learning the letters hijaiyah and basic Iqro madetointroduce and teach your son or daughter's favorite way oflearningletters and letter hijaiyah hijiyah marked Fattah, kasrohanddhomah with interactive gaming method. Suitable for childrenofpre-school age, especially early. App content: - Learn torecognizeletters hijaiyah - Quiz guessing letters hijaiyah -Matchingletters hijaiyah - Learn to recognize letters markedhijaiyahFattah, kasroh, dhomah - Quiz guessing letters markedhijaiyahFattah, kasroh, dhomah - Matching letters marked hijaiyahFattah,kasroh, dhomah - Write a letter hijaiyah May be useful.ameen
Princess Coloring Book for Kids & Girls Free Games 1.9.1
The best of all free princess coloring game for girls is here!isspecially designed for girls! It is very easy to use andfree.Rediscover the simple relaxation and joy of coloring! Sign uptoour community to interact and inspire other coloringenthusiasts!Follow and get followed, leave nice comments, showcaseyourcoloring masterpieces! Including a lot of coloring pages forgirls,kids and adults, such as princesses, anime, animals,flowers,mandalas and more. ❀ Of course you can also import yourownpictures. ♥ Features of princess coloring book for girls:-Coloring show, showcase your coloring, get inspired. - Makeananimated GIF. - Replay coloring. - Shared pictures, Onlinepicturelibrary. - Paint your own drawings! Draw on paper, take apictureof it, and give it the colors it deserves. - Draw your ownmandala.- Collaborative Paint. - Draw straight line tool. curvetool. -Guess Something. - Make a copy of a Drawing or Picture. -Importphoto to recolor. Make picture pixelated - Unlimited numberofcolors. - Multi-Layers with create, remove, visibility,opacity,merge canvas layers. - Simply choose your palette and tapto color.Choose from brushes, gradient colors, and harmoniouscolors. -Drawing different line colors: black, white, no line, andmanymore.. - Multiple tools and colors to make decorating yourpicturefun and easy. - Simple an easy freehand drawing mode whichnevercomes over the border. - Painting doodle, you can also starton ablank canvas. 11 brushes, such as crayon, chalk etc. - Coloringforthe whole family: Designed for kids girls, it can also be usedbyadults. - Share your work by email, SMS, Facebook, Instagram,andother social networks. - Improve toddlers hand-eye coordination.-Help kids to develop their creativity, learn to draw colors.Playthis coloring app for girls, fulfill your princess dream! Startnowyour free coloring book game! If you have any questions, foundabug or there's something you'd like to see in a future update,sendan email to [email protected]
Kids painting & coloring game 2.1
Kids Coloring Book game is designed to learn how to draw andpaintwith different colors and brushes. A very fun game that willhelpchildren to develop their creativity from a blank canvas andapalette of over 150 colors. 2 GAME MODESDrawing on whiteboard:Kidscan draw whatever they want, adding objects and clipart totheircreations.Coloring designs: The game offers several templatesanddesigns so that children can color them as they like. BRUSHESANDPAINTSChildren can choose between different strokes (pen, brushorpaint bucket) and different thicknesses to blow theirimaginationand create magical drawings. IMAGES AND OBJECTSBesidesthepaintings, the game offers different backgrounds and clipartHDwith fantastic effects. Children will complete their drawingswithanimals, nature, music, clothing and more fun themes. GAMEFEATURESKids will acquire the following skills and knowledge of thegame: -Develop creativity, concentration and knowledge oftheirenvironment. - The game is adapted to be handled very easily.- Isspecifically designed as an educational tool for preschoolersandlater age. TAKE A PHOTO TO YOUR ARTWORKOnce the drawingisfinished, the child can save the result on the phone andcollectthe drawings.
Kids Princess Coloring Book 🎨 3.2
Kids Princess Coloring Book is a free app designed for littlegirlsand boys from 2 to 8 years old to learn to draw and paintwithdifferent brushes and colors. PAINT DIFFERENT PRINCESSESThiscoloring princesses game will help children to developtheircreativity with more than 150 colors. GAME MODES Drawingonwhiteboard: Kids can draw whatever they want, adding objectsandimages and fun designs to their artwork. Coloringprincessesdrawings: The game offers several princess drawingtemplates thatkids will be able to color them as they like.DIFFERENT TYPES OFPAINTWORK AND BRUSHES Children can choose betweendifferent brushstrokes (pen, brush or paint bucket) and differentthicknesses toblow their imagination and create magical drawings.IMAGES ANDOBJECTS Besides the paintings, the game offers highdefinitionsilhouettes of princesses so that kids can paint themeasily and asthey like. GAME FEATURES Children will acquire thefollowing skillsand knowledge: - Develop creativity, concentrationand knowledge oftheir environment. - The game is adapted to be easyto use. - It isspecifically designed as an educational tool forpreschool andkids. - Game is specially designed for children 3 to 6years. -This princess game is completely free TAKE A PHOTO OF YOURDRAWINGSOnce the drawing is finished, kids can save pictures oftheircreations on their device and collect the drawings. THANK YOUFORTRUSTING EDUJOY Thank you very much for learning with Edujoygames.We love creating educational and fun games for you. If youhave anysuggestions or questions, feel free to send us feedback orleave acomment.
Kids Coloring Book : Coloring Fun
Kids coloring book is a fun coloring book for kids, toddlers,andpreschool kids. It coloring pages and coloring games helpskidslearning alphabets, numbers, shapes, animals, vegetables,fruits,vehicles, and planets and loved by kids so can be usedaseducational tool to enforce learning for kids. With ourcoloringgames kids will learn and have fun at the same time. Thiscoloringapp contains 170+ beautiful coloring pages and will keepyour kidengaged for hours while kid is learning at the same time.**Categories 1. Alphabets Coloring • Alphabet Coloring Pageshelpsyour kids in learn alphabets with phonics and voice over.2.Numbers • Number coloring page helps kids learn countingnumberslike a number counting games. 3. Fruits • Learning fruitsname isfun with fruit coloring pages help kids recognize and learnaboutdifferent kinds of fruits with beautiful voice over forfruits. 4.Vegetables • vegetable coloring book is fun, it containsnumber ofvegetable coloring pages and helps your little one withLearningvegetable name 5. Animals • Animal coloring pages is loadedwithboth wild and domestic animal paintings and it will be both funandlearning for your kid with these animal painting games 6.Vehicles• Kids loves to play vehicles, and this section of thecoloringgame is loaded with beautiful painting games of vehicles tomake itmore fun for kids 7. Planets • Coloring pages in planetpaintcoloring games section introduce your kid to our solarsystemplanets and help them learn their names and how the looks. **KeyFeatures Bucket full a region Draw with a pencil and eraserUndoredo Save coloring pages Clear coloring area Voice over foreverycoloring page to enforce learning
Colors - Games free for kids
Search for "BabyBus" for even more free panda games for you totry!Children develop a liking to colorful objects from an earlyage,and it is good time to give them a creative app to color forfun.Color the tree blue if it please them so! Join the little pandaandlearn with colors! Do it for free! Fun features: - Manycolorpencils to get creative with art; - A voice to each pencil tolearnall the colors with the amazing panda; - Set everything tolifewith your magic finger! There are many child-friendly scenesthatchildren will love. Color in an exciting playground, alovelybeach, or a magical sea world. Make the world a morecolorfulplace! Play and color with our cute panda! It´s free! AboutBabyBus————— At BabyBus, we dedicate ourselves to sparkingkids'creativity, imagination and curiosity,and designing ourproductsthrough the kids' perspective to help them explore theworld ontheir own. Now BabyBus offers a wide variety of products,videosand other educational content for over 250 million fans fromages0-8 around the world! We have produced more than 150children'seducational games, 700 children's songs, and animationsof variousthemes spanning the arts, health, and science. —————Contact us:[email protected] Visit us:
Educational Games for Kids 2.0
Educational Games for Kids offers eight educational gamestogetherwhich is very useful for toddlers, kindergarten kids andpreschoolkids.This game is a lovely and fun way of teaching theshapes,numbers, letters, colors and sounds to the kids.It hasbeencarefully designed and developed for the preschool kids at theagesof 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.Educational Games for Kids consists of themostliked games for the boys and girls.Kids will love theseeducationalgames and will play with fun for a long time.It is easyto play.The children can play with this game whenever and wherevertheywant on their own.The entertaining sounds and visualeffectsemerging once the game is ended reward the success ofchildren andmotivate them.Now download and play for free!It hasbeen designedsuitable for both the smartphones and thetablets.Languages:English, Czech, French, German, Italian, Polish,Portuguese,Russian, Spanish, Turkish.We develop educational gamesdesigned fortoddlers, preschoolers and kids.8 educational gamesincluded in theapp are as follows:Connect the Dots GameConnect theDots Game is afun application teaching the correct sequence ofnumbers andletters to children.The points can be connected with thenumbers insequence of 1-2-3 or with the letters in sequence ofABC.When thepoints are connected in a correct manner then sometimesa cuteanimal and sometimes a snowman appears.The ocean animals,farmanimals, astronauts, rockets and clowns are some of thesurprisingobjects in the game.Animal SoundsAnimal Sounds is a funandeducational application that teaches the sounds of animalstochildren.Kids will have fun by listening to the sounds oftheirfavorite animals.The farm animals, wild nature animals,pets,birds, mammals and marine animals are waiting to be discoveredbyyour children.The game includes the sounds of lovely animalssuchas cat, dog, cow, horse, sheep, rooster, chicken, goat,turkey,bird, donkey, duck, dolphin, chick, camel, bee, monkeyandelephant.High quality and natural animal sounds areused.ColoringBookColoring Book consists of coloring pages todevelop children'screativity and enrich their imagination.Kids caneasily select thecolors they want and they can easily makecoloring.The variety ofcolors and beautiful graphics providecreative and inspiringcoloring activity.Airplane, doll, car, bee,helicopter, cow, ship,crab, train, fish, race car, dolphin, duck,goat, shark, seaturtle, turkey and donkey are the pictures to becolored.MatchingGameIn Matching Game, the children complete thegame by matchingthe same objects among those in mixed sortedones.The animals,shapes, fruits and toys are the objects whichtheir visuals are tobe matched. Memory GameIn Memory Game, kids tryto find the sameobjects by reversing the memory cards.The memorycards consist ofimages for animals, shapes, fruits and toys.PuzzleGameThe childrencomplete the picture leaving scattered puzzlepieces to their rightplaces.The puzzle themes with high visualquality such as farmanimals, ocean animals, vehicles, circuses andspaces are presentin the game.The car, race car, motorcycle, ship,airplane and trainare present in the vehicles puzzle theme.Thehorse, cow, rooster,chicken, turkey, chick and sheep are present inthe farm animalspuzzle theme.Shape PuzzleIn Shape Puzzle, thechildren bringtogether the pieces of puzzle picture and reveal thewholepicture.Shadow PuzzleIn Shadow Puzzle, the children completethegame by matching the real image of an object with itsshadowimage.There are many puzzles consisting of the vehicles,farmanimals, ocean animals, fruits and shapes in the game.
Kids coloring book: Princess 1.8.5
Start drawing kids coloring pages now! Enjoy the picturesofprincesses, mermaids, unicorns and other fairy talecreatures.Coloring book for toddlers help your children to relaxand feelbetter. Your kid doesn’t need internet connection to startdoodlingand painting. What is the coloring games about?
 - Kidscoloringbook contains over 50 coloring pages for girls, some arefromfamous fairy tales like Cinderella, Little red ridinghood,Sleeping beauty, Snow White or even Rumpelstiltskin.
 - Createyourown color images in the drawing game for children. 
-Princesspainting and doodling for girls is designed also forbabies. 
-Coloring book for kids has simple controls! Tap to paintand pinchto zoom on the coloring pages
 - Doodle their own drawingsby usingone of the awesome tools. - Relaxing kid’s music and soundswhilemaking the sketch.
 - All of the princess coloring pages areforfree. - Awesome family game. Children’s friendly environment.
Eachpicture in the kids coloring game has been carefully chosensoevery girl would like to paint it. Discover wonderful worldofmagic full of mandalas, unicorns, princesses. 
English learningforkids is another small advantage of the app. Coloring book forkidsis in the English language. Tap on a color or a tool in thegameand they will be pronounced in English. Your child is able tolearncolors in english while they are having fun. 
The princessgame forgirls is a free app for all ages.
Belajar mudah Hijaiyah 1.97
Belajar mudah Hijaiyah merupakan salah satu aplikasi yangakanmembantu anak-anak dalam belajar mengenal, menghafal danmenulishuruf hijaiyah yang dikenal juga sebagai huruf arab.Beberapa fituryang terdapat dalam aplikasi ini diantaranya adalah:1. Pengenalanhuruf hijaiyah dengan metode interaktif danpengulangan otomatis 2.Belajar menulis huruf hijaiyah 3. Permainantebak huruf hijaiyah
ColorMe - Coloring Book Free 1.6.2
2bros games introduces painting and drawing for adults onAndroid.Start drawing adults coloring book now! Enjoy the picturesofanimals, birds, butterflies and other mandala coloringpages.Coloring book for adults helps you to relax and feel better.Youdoesn’t need an internet connection to start doodling andpaintingthe mandala coloring pages. Why the coloring gameColorMe?
- Adultscoloring book contains over 100 coloring pages inthe theme ofmandala, animals, love, food, sea world and manyothers. Caterogiesare also created for girls and boys.- Color yourfavorite animalsuch as lion, parrot, elephant, tiger, fish or evena beautifulowl.- Create your own color combinations in the drawinggame foradults.
- Adult painting and doodling is designed also forkids andtoddlers.
- Coloring book for adults has simple controls!Tap topaint and pinch to zoom on the coloring pages.
- Share yoursketchwith family and friends of Facebook, Instagram and on othersocialapps.
- All of the adults coloring pages are for free. -Awesomefamily game.- Special categories: Zodiac, Oriental andPatterns-Reveals your creativity - Family friendlyenvironment.
Each picturein the ColorMe adults coloring game hasbeen carefully chosen soeven kids would like to paint it. Discoverwonderful world full ofmandalas, animals, birds and flowers. Let’sdraw something now!-Mandala coloring books for adults anywhere youwant.
Animalscoloring game for adults is a free app and it does notrequire anyinternet connection. Have fun on holidays, in the gardenor duringa long hours flight. Anti stress coloring will help you toberelaxed and creative.- Stress relief appForget about yourdailystress and let ColorMe be your new personal therapist. Editphotosand pictures or simply create some nice collage as a part ofyourtop coloring therapy. - Support andCompatibility.
We'recontinuously improving the adults drawing,doodling and paintinggame so that all Android devices run the game.Let us help toimprove the game by leaving an honest review onGoogle play, weread and care about every single feedback, thereforewe havecreated faces, people and Christmas coloring pages. 
ColorMe-Coloring book for adults is a free app also, great editor forwomenand men of all ages. If you like the very best games for kidsandadults follow us on: you a merryChristmas and happy new year!
Christmas Coloring Book 1.19
"Christmas Coloring Book " is an is an realistic coloring gamethatallows you to draw and color in the same way you would on apaperusing different tools, such as crayons, pencils and brushes.Manypages to paint in full color and with educational content!Decorateyour creations with more than 100 beautiful stamps. "FreeMode":you can freely draw and color and unleash your imagination.You andyour kids will have hours of fun together this Christmas!You canhave fun coloring with your children or do coloring contestswiththem. The possibilities are endless. They will learn to writethealphabet and numbers. Promotes the development of theimagination,the arts, and increases the ability of concentrationand fine motorskills of kids. Save the drawings in the album andedit them at anytime. Share the drawings with family and friends onFacebook,Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, email, and more ... The gameis veryfun, simple and educational for all ages. It works perfectlyinboth Tablets and Telephones. *** COLLECTIONS *** ★CHRISTMAS(countless drawings with Christmas motifs) ★ FANTASY (forthelittle ones it helps that they do not leave the edges) ★GREETINGSCARDS (decorate and send your greeting cards to yourfriends andfamily) ★ FREE MODE (Unleash your imagination) ***FEATURES *** ★All content is 100% FREE. ★ A simple and veryintuitive design. ★Different strokes and colors. ★ More than 100stickers to decorateyour drawings. ★ Flashing colors. It hasdynamic random colors forendless bright colors and achievebeautiful effects. ★ DeleteRubber function. ★ Function undo thestrokes you do not like, anderase everything. ★ Save drawings inthe album to edit them orshare them later. **** Do you like ourfree application? **** Helpus and take a few moments to write youropinion on Google Play.Your contribution allows us to improve anddevelop new applicationsfor free !.
Free and easy car coloring pages game. A coloring book full ofcars,trucks, tractors and other vehicles. Fun creative game fortheentire family. This app is designed to be fun and easy to usefor amixed audience of all ages, from young to old. Easynavigation makesit not only usable for adults, but also easy touse for kids. If youor your child is fascinated by cars andtrucks, this simple gamewill give inspiration for hours ofcreativity, play and learning.With coloring pages of differentcomplexity this game is suited forboth kids and adults. You canchoose all kind of different car typeslike: - racing cars - sportcars - muscle car - police cars -ambulance - formula1 -convertible cars - fire engines - off road -pickup trucks - toycar Add stickers like tyres and tools to yourdrawing. Or choosemystery paint: The coloring page will slowlyappear while painting.Features: - Easy to play - Add stickers toyour coloring - Mysterypaint - Save and load your coloring pages -Make your own drawingor wallpaper - Intuitive icons and navigation.Simple to play - Proversion without ads and pop-ups available Sostart painting anddrawing now and see who can make the mostbeautiful cars. And oncethe coloring page is finished, you caneasily share a picture ofyour creation with family and friends. Formore coloring pages:take a look at our other games.
Superhero Coloring Book Pages: Best Coloring Games 1.10
★★★★★Best Coloring Games and color Learning Games free -All-in-one★★★★★★★★★★ Turn your smart phone or tablet into a fun toyphone tocolor superhero in educational coloring game ofcoloringpages★★★★★★★★★★Coloring games for girls and boys for herodraw andpaint★★★★★Have you played many coloring games? give a trytoSuperhero Coloring Book Pages and learn how to color superherosincoloring games which is full of superheroes. This coloring gameorcoloring pages is not designed only for your daughter but foryourson as well so this is one of the coloring games for girlsandboys. Color the coloring pages of superheroes on your phoneortablet in this virtual coloring game and painting bookandexperience a new coloring games. This coloring games for girlsandboys is best coloring game which is so easy that anyone canplay,paint & draw in coloring pages. So install and give achance tothe boys and girls in coloring games.This superherocoloring bookpages and coloring book game is for all type ofpersons who love tocolor in coloring games. Both, boys and girlswill love thiscoloring game of children coloring and drawing bookpages which isa best coloring games for girls and boys. So come andchoose rightcolors to paint and play.Among coloring games SuperheroColoringbook lets you have a lot of fun with educational coloringgame alsoyou will know how to draw superhero in hero coloring booka bestgame among all coloring games.Educational games and coloringgamesare similar to increase your coloring skills & interestinlearning new things using the phone or tablet in a fun way.Sothrough this hero coloring game or coloring book pages youcanenjoy the perks of learn to paint, color and play. So clickinstallthis coloring book which is best coloring games for girlsand boysfor learn to paint.Super hero Coloring Book Pages is anincrediblegame specially who love to color and paint. Your girl andson mustlisten to the stories of superheroes so, let them get intothemagical world of educational coloring game, the super herocoloringbook. Another advantage of this coloring book or coloringgame isthat there is no need to draw something because the sketchesarealready over there, little kid just paint with right colorsandlearn to paint in best coloring games.This finger paint fillanddraw coloring game is a sweet educational coloring game package,Itwill be a love game for him or her if they like to playpaint,brushes, books, drawings, dye and cleanup games. In thiscoloringgames for girls and boys they will enjoy hero coloring alot andprovide you a huge time to get relax while playing coloringbookAnd meanwhile they will learn how to paint hero coloringincoloring book, remember colors and decoratesuperheroes.GamePlayThis coloring game is one click away fromenjoying educationalcoloring game of the superhero coloring pagesso, install the freeto select the beautiful superheroes. Than itwould be a happy andchoose the color they want to fill but try tofill right colors inbest coloring book. Every part like the shoe,feather, hair etc canbe paint separately. So download this freegame and open the box ofentertainment with learn to paint!This appoffers:* All superheroesto paint in hero coloring book * Easy toplay and paint herocoloring book* Share your artwork of coloringpages* Save and loadyour work* Undo button in amazing hero coloringbook* Zoom Button *Color Buckets to paint in coloring book * Useright colors oreraser tool for coloring pages
Valentines love coloring book
Free love wedding and valentines day coloring book and drawinggame.Start relaxing by painting one of the many free coloringpages. Orsend a beautiful drawing to the person you love atValentines day oras love letter. Download this app with hearts androses coloringpages now and start drawing and painting and shareyour drawings asvalentines card or love letters with the one youlove. Many freecoloring pages which are fun to paint and decorate.With lots offree designs in themes like wedding party, roses,hearts or cupido.-Fun to play -Share your drawing as valentinescard via email,Facebook, etc. -Save and load your coloring pages-Create your owndrawing -Many, many different colors Lots of freedrawings likecupido, wedding, animal love, hearts and roses. Andonce thecoloring page is ready, you can easily share it onFacebook,Twitter, WhatsApp or email to people you love. AsValentines card orloveletter. For more coloring pages have a lookwith our othergames. All copyrights are owned by 2 Monkeys. Onlyuse for noncommercial purposes is allowed.
How To Draw Flowers 1.0.13
Creative APPS
Follow the steps to draw the beautiful flowers! Not onlydrawing,but coloring. Beautiful Flowers, ikebana, rose and more.Detaileddrawing steps to learn. Don’t need any experience andskills, teachyou step by step. Follow the steps to finish yourbeautiful works!【FEATURES】 I. Beautiful flowers drawing picturesfor you. II.Learning + Free creation: coloring your works after youfinished.III. Many beautiful drawing tools, just drawing thepicture as youlike. IV. So easy, learn to draw the beautifulflowers now. DOWNLOAD NOW ! Don’t forget to show your great worksafter finished.
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