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Keepsafe Photo Vault: Hide Private Photos & Videos 9.23.9
Download Keepsafe to join over 50 million people who have entrustedmore than a billion pictures to Keepsafe: the most popular PhotoVault & album locker app on Android. Keepsafe secures personalphotos and videos by locking them down with PIN protection,fingerprint authentication, and military-grade encryption. It’s thebest place for hiding personal pictures and videos. With Keepsafe,you can protect your privacy, secure your photos, and save phonespace. Keepsafe lets you: 🌟 Preserve special memories 🖼 Storefamily photos 💳 Protect copies of your driver’s license, ID cards,and credit cards 📎 Organize important documents 🔒 PIN protect yourPhoto Gallery Just look through your phone’s photo gallery and tapphotos or videos to import into your Keepsafe Photo Vault. Onceimported, you can choose to easily delete those photos from yourphone’s public photo gallery while still view them in your KeepsafePhoto Vault. Keepsafe Photo Locker Features: • Everything behind alock - Your photos are secured via a PIN, pattern or yourfingerprint. • Sync photos or videos across devices - Yourencrypted Private Cloud securely syncs your photos, albums andvideos across all your devices. • Backup photos & videos foreasy recovery - Fear not if your phone is lost, stolen or damaged!• Face-down auto lock - In a tight situation? Have Keepsafe lockitself when your device faces downward. • Safe Send photo sharing -Share private photos with confidence: control how long therecipient sees your photo -- photos disappear 20 seconds after theyare received. • Keepsafe also doesn’t show up in your recently usedapps list! Install Keepsafe Basic to get free secure Private Cloudstorage and also receive a free test drive of Keepsafe Premium!Keepsafe Premium Exclusive Features: • Album Lock: Assignindividual PIN codes to access particular albums • Break-In Alerts:Takes photos of intruders and tracks break-in attempts • Fake Pin:Creates a decoy Keepsafe with a separate PIN code Manage Photos •Private Cloud: Stores up to 5,000 items in Keepsafe • Space Saver:Compresses photos and saves originals to the Cloud • TrashRecovery: Retrieves photos you’ve mistakenly deleted PersonalizeKeepsafe • Ad-Free: Keeps your photo-viewing experiencedistraction-free • Custom Album Covers: Sets album thumbnails to aspecific image --- 🛡 About Keepsafe 🛡 Keepsafe helps you to protectyour personal important data. We focus on making simple to use,secure apps and services that improve your digital life. Need Help?Find the FAQs in the Help & Support tab within Photo Vault, orcontact us at [email protected] Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:
App Lock: Fingerprint Password 3.0.0
Securely protect and lock any app with App Lock: from the makers ofKeepsafe, app security software used by 62 million people. App Locklets you: 🔒 Lock any app on your phone 🔑 Choose between a PIN,Pattern or Fingerprint lock ❎ Prevent apps from being uninstalledAn extra layer of protection for your phone We all know the momentof discomfort when handing a phone to friends or family, only tosee them suddenly start opening applications they shouldn't. That'swhy we built a secure and easy-to-use application locker with PIN,pattern or fingerprint password protection, so you can hand yourphone to other people without worrying that they will stumble intothe wrong application or screen. Protection from everyone, evenkids Protect your apps, emails, messages and photos via our secureapplication lock with password or fingerprint app lock protection.You can even use App Lock to prevent your kids from opening lockedapps, deleting or purchasing anything while playing with yourphone. How does App Lock work? Our useful app locker lets you put aPIN, Pattern, or Fingerprint lock in front of Facebook, Snapchat,Email, Text - everything. When opening a protected app, App Lockwill ask you to confirm the password you have set to let you in.--- 🛡 About Keepsafe 🛡 Keepsafe helps you to protect your personalimportant data. We focus on making simple to use, secure apps andservices that improve your digital life. Need Help? Find the FAQsin the Help & Support tab within App Lock, or contact us [email protected] Terms of Service: PrivacyPolicy:
Documents Safe, Secure Storage 7.7.2
Having your most important documents at handcan sometimes be a pain. Keepsafe documents offers you a simplesolution to have you most important documents always with you.Fully encrypted and protected by a PIN or Fingerprint.Keepsafe documents helps you to organize your life and be on topof your most valuable documents. With supporting a big variety offile types, it support taking photos of your passport, to shareimportant PDFs from your email client or import a Word documentfrom Dropbox.Take control of your privacy!With over 50 million people who downloaded Keepsafe, Keepsafe isthe most trusted privacy solution available.Core features:• Phone and tablet support• Easy-to-user PIN or TouchID access• Organize documents in different folders• Free encrypted backup for up to 200 documents• Zoom feature to see every the smallest details well• Send documents through other apps• No visibility into content from the recents app screenPremium features========================Custom Folders:Set a folder cover to identify your folders faster. Also Keepsafelets you set individual passwords on folders.Second PIN:Create a second PIN to have a separate Keepsafe location to storedocuments separate from the main PIN.Bigger Private Cloud:Backup up to 5000 items inside Keepsafe fully encrypted.Trash recovery:Accidently deleted documents that you want to keep? Trash recoveryallows you to get deleted items back.No advertisements:Premium users will experience Keepsafe ad free.Help & Support========================Problems? Wait! Contact us at [email protected] beforeleaving a bad review. You can also visit our support site at What happens when I import photos into Keepsafe?A: Photos will be copied to Keepsafe and locked behind the PIN pad.You can then safely delete them from your photo gallery and PhotoStream.Q: How can I retrieve my PIN?A: Open Keepsafe, then long-press on the Keepsafe logo to requestyour PIN.Q: Can I take documents out of this secret vault?A: Yes, you can export documents with only a couple of taps to anyother app.Keepsafe Plus Subscription========================Sync documents in Keepsafe to all your Keepsafe installations onany platform. Restore from backup with any new device runningKeepsafe.12 month subscription: $23.99Subscriptions automatically renew at the end of the periodunless turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the currentperiod in the account settings. Payment will be charged to iTunesAccount at confirmation of purchase. Account will be charged forrenewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, andidentify the cost of the renewal. Subscriptions are managed by theuser.Links========================Terms of Service: Basic is ad supported:
Family Vault - Lock documents
Take care of your loved ones, children orparents. Be prepared! Life happens, so always have the importantstuff with you. Share it with the important family members. Fullyencrypted in Keepsafe Family Vault, you have a digital copy, justin case. Over 50 million people trust Keepsafe’s Content Privacyproducts.Family Vault has a document scanner so it’s easy to get all theimportant information in there. Drivers license scanning issupported. Use Family Vault as a records management tool to haveinsurance cards, personal finance, cars in this organization andprotection app.Scan your family’s health insurance card and other healthinformation. Make sure you share the Family Vault with all thecaretakers in the family so they always have the most up-to-dateinformation.Never go to the DMV again to find you’re missing information - it’sall in Keepsafe. Always have your family’s health card and recordsat hand in case you need them.Use Keepsafe Family Vault as a records management tool. In case ofa fire or natural disaster, everything is already in Keepsafe as adigital copy so you can just grab your phone and have peace of mindthat all the important records are here.Keepsafe Family Vault uses military grade encryption and its ownbackup cloud so you can access your important things even if yourphone is lost or destroyed. Encryption makes sure only you andauthorized people can see what is in Family Vault.Set up a shared Keepsafe Family Vault with your parents or yoursiblings so you have their important records at hand in case youneed them. Life happens - be prepared, be organized.HOW DO I ADD IMPORTANT RECORDS TO FAMILY VAULT?- Use the document scanner that comes with the app- Take a photo of important records- Import from cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive- Send files to Family Vault from other apps.IS FAMILY VAULT SAFE?- Everything is encrypted on your device with military gradeencryption- We use the AES-265 encryption standard to protect yourrecords- Over 50 million users trust our products.CAN I SHARE MY FAMILY VAULT?- Create multiple vaults to share with each with your children,siblings, spouse or parents- Invite family members to install the app and send them an invitecode
Calculator Photo Vault: Hide Private Pics & Videos 9.18.0
Don’t risk your private photo albums, secret videos or secure filesbeing deleted or seen when people use your device! Join themillions of people who trust their personal files to Keepsafe: thehighest rated and best photo locker app. Calculator Photo Vaultlets you: 🙈 Hide your photos and videos behind a calculator 🔐Secure your photos behind a PIN, pattern or fingerprint ⬆ Back upyour photos for easy recovery 📲 Free up space on your phone withcloud sync Calculator is a photo locker app that lets you hide andlock personal pictures and photo albums or secret videos behindmultiple layers of security. Calculator is also useful for freeingup space on your device by storing your photos and videos in yoursecure Private Cloud. Calculator Photo Locker Features: • Disguisedand inconspicuous - Appears as either a virus scanner orcalculator, disguises your photo vault. • Everything behind a lock- Your photos are secured via a PIN, pattern or your fingerprint. •Sync photos or videos - Your encrypted Private Cloud securely syncsyour photos, albums and videos across all your devices. • Back upphotos or videos for easy recovery - Fear not if your phone islost, stolen or damaged! • Face-down auto lock - In a tightsituation? Have Keepsafe lock itself when your device facesdownward. • Safe Send photo sharing - Share private photos withconfidence: control how long the recipient sees your photo --photos disappear 20 seconds after they are received. • Keepsafealso doesn’t show up in your recently used apps list! KeepsafePremium Keepsafe premium is an extra layer of security and peace ofmind that not only keeps your private photo albums and secretvideos safe from prying eyes, but also provides you with additionalcloud storage for your photos to free up even more space on yourdevice. Features: Customizable Photo Albums • Personally choosewhich cover photo appears for what album. • Set an additionalpassword for individual albums: great for shared access! Fake PIN •Create a 2nd, fake PIN that you can use when someone asks you foryour real PIN, which opens a decoy Keepsafe photo vault. Break-inAlerts • Keepsafe captures a photo, timestamp and PIN entered byall would-be intruders. PIN Timeout • Keepsafe locks itself 30seconds after closing, instead of immediately. Custom Themes •Customize the look of your Keepsafe. Look through your phone’sphoto gallery and tap photos or videos to import into your Keepsafephoto vault. Once imported, you can delete your photos from yourphone’s public photo gallery and still view them in your Keepsafephoto vault. —— 🛡 About Keepsafe 🛡 Keepsafe helps you to protectyour personal important data. We focus on making simple to use,secure apps and services that improve your digital life. Need Help?Find the FAQs in the Help & Support tab within KeepsafeCalculator, or contact us at [email protected] Terms ofService: PrivacyPolicy:
Keepsafe VPN – Stay Safe on WiFi, Hotspot Networks 2.6.0
Protect your mobile privacy & safeguard yourself from hackerson WiFi hotspots, WiFi networks and mobile networks with KeepsafeVPN. Hide your location and, unlike other VPN apps, we don’t keepany logs! Keepsafe VPN Features: 🌎 Change Location – Connectanywhere around the world 🙈 No logs – We will never store yourbrowsing logs 🚫 Tracker Blocker – We stop Ad Trackers fromcollecting your data 📱 Multiple Device Support – Use Keepsafe VPNon up to 10 of your devices 🛡 99.9% Uptime – Keepsafe is a brandyou can trust that will always protect your privacy ⚡ Super Fast –One tap and all browsing is secure Why do I need a VPN? Safety Ifyou use free, public WiFi hotspots, your personal data issusceptible to hackers who may be lurking on the network. TheKeepsafe VPN app automatically secures your connection as youaccess public WiFi hotspots or cellular data networks. Privacy AVPN protects your location and browsing activity from being seen byyour Internet Service Provider, IT manager at work, or anyone elsewho may be tracking you. Unlike other free VPNs, the Keepsafe VPNapp keeps no logs so you never need to worry about your VPNtracking you. Unblocked Access You can visit any website fromanywhere without restrictions using the Keepsafe VPN app. Bypassfirewalls and unblock restricted content to guarantee safe accessfor private browsing with our VPN. Install Keepsafe VPN for thefollowing features: Secure WiFi encryption Browse the web safelywith maximum security, even on public hotspots and other unsecurednetworks. The Keepsafe VPN app secures your Android deviceconnection when you browse from any network. Private browsing Keepyour browsing activity confidential. Our secure Virtual PrivateNetwork proxy hides your location and protects your personalinformation when you browse and access content so you can takebetter control of your privacy. Safely access your favorite contentfrom anywhere! Multiple devices Keepsafe VPN for Android may beused with up to 10 devices. There are no restrictions or additionalfees on the number of secure connections a person makes! Bestvalue. Keep personal data safe and private We never keep logs.There’s no tracking or logging of your online activity anywhere,ever. No data limitations Use the bandwidth you need withoutadditional fees for use. Auto-connect Keepsafe VPN for Androidauto-secures whenever you join a Wifi hotspot that hasn’t alreadybeen set as a trusted network. You’ll never need to remember to useVPN or monitor your bandwidth. Easy-setup, easy-to-use Simplydownload and sign-up to immediately secure your connection.Protection Stay safe with the best Virtual Private Network Proxy.The Keepsafe VPN app secures your Android device so your locationand identity always stay private from anyone else who may bemonitoring you. Protect your online searches and purchases — all ofthe time. Keepsafe VPN is the best Android VPN app on the market!—— 🛡 About Keepsafe 🛡 Keepsafe helps you to protect your personalimportant data. We focus on making simple to use, secure apps andservices that improve your digital life. Need Help? Find the FAQsin the Help & Support tab within Keepsafe VPN, or contact us [email protected] Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:
Keepsafe Browser: Stay Private with a VPN & Vault 1.3.1
Keepsafe Browser is designed to protect your privacy. It’s fast,private, & can also be secured with a PIN code. The app blocksad & other invasive trackers that compromise your privacy. ★PIN & FINGERPRINT LOCK - Keep unwanted guests from openingKeepsafe Browser ★ FAST BROWSING - Instantly find whatever you aresearching for ★ TRACKER BLOCKER - Stop trackers from collectingyour data ★ BLOCK AD TRACKING - Keep advertisers from followingyour browsing activity ★ UNLIMITED TABS - Create as many tabs asyou like ★ INCOGNITO MODE - Clear all browsing data to leave notrace ★ PRIVATE PHOTO VAULT - Bypass your camera roll with a directdownload to the private Keepsafe Photo Vault --- 🛡 About Keepsafe 🛡Keepsafe protects personal space. We make simple privacy apps togive you peace of mind. We focus on making simple to use, secureapps and services that improve your digital life. Need Help? FindHelp & Support within Keepsafe Browser by selecting the topright menu, or contact us at [email protected] Terms ofService: PrivacyPolicy:
Keepsafe Unlisted - Second Phone Number 1.5.1
Need new phone numbers? With Keepsafe Unlisted, get additionalphone numbers to protect your personal information, make privatecalls and send/receive secure texts & photos. Create newprivate numbers in the US or Canada to use for dates, freelancework, buying & selling online, business sales calls - anythingyou can think of! Unlisted is quick, affordable, and private — getnew numbers when you need them, burn them when you’re done.UNLISTED FEATURES - Text and Photo Messaging - VoIP (voice over IP)for calling from around the world (uses data) - No ads, ever - Callforwarding to any other number - Receive Call Options: Block orVoicemail - Custom Voicemails for each number - Use on all yourAndroid Devices - Use anywhere in the world WHY YOU NEED A SECONDNUMBER = Privacy - Never give out your real number when you don’twant to = Protection - Protect yourself when posting on Craigslistor using online dating services = Business - Why pay a lot for anew business number? Just use Unlisted! = Local presence - Get aphone number in any area code in the US = Fun - Find numbers byarea code or location! WHO USES UNLISTED 💼 Sales People - Keep workand personal separated 💕 Daters - Stop giving away your # on 1stdates 💻 Freelancers - Better communication with your clients 💰Craigslist - Buying & selling without giving away your privatenumber WHERE YOU CAN USE UNLISTED Unlisted is available worldwide,but currently only provides the ability to purchase, use, text,dial and forward to US phone numbers. If you live outside the US,you can still use Unlisted, but you may be limited to VoIP andmessaging functionality only, and you can only call or message USnumbers. PLEASE NOTE: THERE ARE CERTAIN NUMBERS THAT YOU CANNOTDIAL USING THIS SERVICE, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO 911, OTHEREMERGENCY NUMBERS, AND CERTAIN PREMIUM NUMBERS. FURTHER, BECAUSETHIS APP REQUIRES INTERNET ACCESS FOR FULL FUNCTIONALITY, THERE MAYBE TIMES WHERE CALLS CANNOT BE COMPLETED. --- 🛡 About Keepsafe 🛡Keepsafe protects personal space. We make simple privacy apps togive you peace of mind. We focus on making simple to use, secureapps and services that improve your digital life. Need Help? Findthe FAQs in the Help & Support tab within Keepsafe Unlisted, orcontact us at [email protected] Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:
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