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Fishing for Kids 1.0.40
Exciting baby game "Baby Fishing" is a favorite pastime for kidsand for older children.In this game you have to go on a fishingtrip. The goal of the game for baby is simple - you need to catchas many fish and collect the required number of points to pass thelevel. For each caught a fish you'll get points. But if you arecaught on a hook shoe tin or a dangerous predator - the points willbe reducedUnusual and colorful fish attract the attention ofchildren and do not leave you indifferent, and the fisherman - thecat will love the children. Playing children's games , a child funhold time, because all the games for child are illustrated withcolorful pictures, with a pleasant and fun music. Also, children'sgame will help in the development of such skills in children asattentiveness, memory, concentration. A good mood - is the key tosuccessful development.Starting from an early age the childactively learns the world, exploring everything that happensaround. Therefore, educational games for children at the forefrontof a child's life. Educational children’s games"Baby fish" broadenrepresentation baby about the world, teach the baby to observe andhighlight the properties and attributes of objects, such as size,shape, color, to distinguish them, as well as to establish therelationship between them. Developing baby games fix children'sknowledge of the surrounding environment, forming thoughtprocesses. Playing developing children's games, the child willenjoy its results and achievements. Educational baby games can helpkids have fun and have fun, and at the same time will be anindispensable tool in the development and education of the child.Games from “YOVO Games” will help him to become observant,attentive, smart. Educational games for children to developattention and memory, can help you with your child fun and to spendyour spare time!Kids fishing - fun game.Baby fishing - excitinggame.Children fishing - your baby will have a good mood.Visit usat: Site: Youtube:
Escape from the laboratory 1.0.7
Suddenly, an accident occurred, viruses and monsters broke free.Now your laboratory and the whole world are under the threat ofinfection and you must not allow them to destroy all life! Meet ournew game - clicker from the series of developing games forchildren: "Escape from the laboratory."The goal of thisentertaining arcade is to catch monsters and viruses that try toleave the boundaries of your science lab. They run along thecorridors changing speed and direction to deceive and slip awayfrom you. In pursuit of them went your assistants - kind and veryfunny monsters, which you persistently created for a long time tofight harmful and dangerous diseases. Neutralizing bad guys - beextremely attentive and observant, so as not to crush yourassistants by accident.Management in this game is very simple: inorder to neutralize bad monsters and viruses, you just need to dothem tap, and you need to do it very quickly, because with each newlevel they will change direction and move faster and faster. Do notforget to protect good monsters.Arcade games and game clickers arevery useful, because from an early age they help develop inchildren the ability to concentrate on certain tasks, developmindfulness, precision and fine motor skills.If your baby lovesendless entertainment, all kinds of runners and jumpers - monsterswill become a real find for him, because funny music, funnycharacters and dynamic gameplay will not let him be bored and willnot leave indifferent. After all, no one has thought up a betterreaction game than a clicker game! Play with pleasure in our newgame! Learn and develop with us together! Be sure to visit our and we are also at:Youtube:
Coloring pages - drawing 1.0.28
Kids coloring pages are games for girls and games for boys of allages, from the smallest to the older children, which help tobroaden their horizons, give an idea of ​​the world around them,make them observant and attentive, develop theirimagination.Coloring for kids give a unique opportunity for yourkids to try themselves in another form of children's creativity -this is drawing.Educational games, such as coloring pages, helpkids from early on to learn to identify the main and characteristicfeatures of objects, their color, size and shape, distinguish themand establish the simplest relationships between objects, anddevelop small motor skills, attention, memory, logical thinking Andcolor perception.Coloring allows the child to create his own uniqueand unique world. When a child draws or paints a picture, hereveals his inner creative potential.When your child plays incoloring games, he begins to actively explore the world, to exploreeverything that is happening around, therefore they occupy the mostimportant place in the development and life of the child.Coloringpages for kids is a great game for every child, which gives anopportunity to learn how to fun to draw various objects andlandscapes, cute and funny little animals. But the main thing thatgives coloring pages for kids is the ability to create and paintyour favorite pictures over and over again, change colors and leavethe most beautiful option. Such an occupation will never getbored.Coloring sheets will take the child for a long time and helpyou with the kid fun, exciting and with great benefit to spend yourfree time.That's why we create educational games and otherapplications that help them to know the world around them, revealtheir potential and creativity.You need only download coloringgames for kids and start creating your first artisticmasterpiece.----------------------Be sure to visit our website at and also we at:Youtube:
Kids Puzzle : Animals 1.0.6
Wonderful baby game "Baby puzzles - animals" kids will love it.Arrange the animals in its place, and hear them talking. In thisgame you will learn about animals, predators and marine life. Kidswill like the game, they will have fun and learn a lot of new andinteresting, because there are funny animals, beautiful scenery,lively music. At the end of each level of the kids in for asurprise - a lot of colored balloons, which you can burst. The game“Children's puzzles – animals” does not give bored, because foldingpuzzles not less fascinating than the usual desktop puzzle. Goodpuzzles for children with bright, colorful pictures will help yourchild learn the animals and their body parts. Puzzles for Children- a useful educational game. By collecting puzzles, a childdevelops qualities such as logical thinking, creativity,perseverance. He develops fine motor skills, imagination, patience,observation and produced ability to concentrate. Playing simpleeducational games, educational children's games for kids, the childwill enjoy its results and achievements. Kids games may help thedevelopment of the child, to teach him to focus, to train thecoordination of movements, learning to think logically. And allthis in an interesting form of a game for a child. Educationalgames for children can not only learn something new, but also toapply their knowledge in practice. Educational games for childrencan help kids have fun and have fun, and at the same time will bean indispensable tool in the development and education of thechild. Educational game aimed at the development of attention,memory, logical thinking, color perception. Developing children'sgame for the child to help him to become observant, attentive,smart. Educational games for children to develop attention andmemory, can help you with your child fun and to spend your sparetime! Visit us at: Site: http://yovogames.comYoutube:
Car Wash 1.0.23
The new exciting game for children "Car Wash" helps kids feel youngmotorists anddesigners. The game has many different models of cars,so that the baby chooses a car, what he likes. Machine needs to bewashed using detergent, water, washcloth, and then the machine canbe painted. Also you can select and apply a varied pattern andchange discs.Kids game "Car Wash" is a very bright and interestingchildren game with beautiful and nice cars. Our game will help inthe development of fine motor skills and learning colors and takeyour baby for a long time.Visit us at: Site: http://yovogames.comYoutube:
Balloons for kids 1.0.8
Developing new exciting game for children "Balloon pop" is a fungame, not only for children but also for adults. Your task is toburst balloons and score the best result! Games for childrenballoon pop for kids are simple and straightforward even for theyoungest users. All that is necessary for the child is to click onthe screen and pop the balloons.It is necessary to pop the balloonsand bubbles of various shapes and colors that will be veryinteresting for children. Each balloon has burst beautifully as ifblowing up balloons. And some balls hid bird. When the balloonbursts - a bird flies to the sky. Some balloons are shown in theform of toys, stars and hearts, such a variety of balloons longcaptivate restless kids. Lovely balloons with funny smiles reallylike kids and amuse children. Baby game "Pop Balloon" will help inthe development of attention, motor skills of fingers, accuracy andin the study of color. After all, children's developing games forkids and educational baby games to help children perception of theworld. Kids developing games and educational games for children tohelp kids in learning through play.Pop the balloons is always a funactivity that will cause a lot of joy and smiles at the child. Playthe child's game to pop the bubbles and get in a good mood! Burstbubbles with us!burst balloons this games for kids.burst babyballoons this fun.children's balloons like your baby.Visit us at:Site: Youtube:
Learn shapes . Learn colors 1.0.6
The game "Learn shapes and colors" is an exciting game forchildren, which will help in an entertaining way to learn colors,shapes and figures. It will introduce your child to the amazingcolors of our world, it will make the learning process fun and veryinteresting.In the game there are two mini-games. Each mini-gamehas several levels, each with different tasks, which will help yourchild gain the necessary knowledge and skills for the knowledge ofthe outside world. In the first game the baby will learn colors,know what are the geometric shapes, learn to distinguish betweensmall and large pieces, learn the sizes of the figures. And allthis under the cheerful music and colorful pictures with funnyfigures. In the second mini game play becomes more fun. In thisgame, the kid will check their knowledge by performing differenttasks: to spread the figures by color, according to the forms, thesubjects who will be dressed in the characters. Simple andintuitive game interface will not cause the slightest difficulty,even in very young children. All the games are very fun,interesting and exciting. Your baby usefully spend free time andlearn a lot of new and interesting. Now introduce new colors,shapes and figures will be an exciting adventure for thechild.Visit us at: Site: Youtube:
Games for kids : baby balloons 1.0.8
A new fun game for kids "Games for kids". In this game, collectedas many as five different and exciting developing and educationalgames for kids, so that your little one will find what to do for along time. In the first game you have to pop balloons that want tofly into the sky.It is a developing kids game that will help thechild in the development of the reaction. In the second game youhave to sort the figures in forms and colors. This is educationalgame for children, which will help in the learning of shapes andcolors. In the third game you need to collect the eggs in thebasket and try to collect as many eggs as possible. It is adeveloping and educational game for kids, which will help the childto develop responses and learning forms.In the fourth game you needto have time to catch the naughty that appear suddenly and want toget away from you. This is an educational game for babies, whichwill also help the child to develop reaction and accuracy. In thefifth game to help the character to climb as high as possible onthe branches of a tree, collecting a variety of gifts along theway. This is an educational game for children, which will help thechild in the fine motor skills and dexterity development. All fivegames are developing and educational games for children who areaccompanied by lively music, colorful and fun shapes and balloonsthat will help your child have fun and to spend time.Visit us at:Site: Youtube:
Tap dash - games for kids. 1.1.2
An exciting game «tap tap dash» is offered to your attention.Thismodern novelty belongs to the class of educational games. Thedevelopment of imagination, creative thinking, fantasy,perseverance and dedication, as well as the calculation of earnedpoints will help the child to learn softly and with interest. TAPTAP DASH is a colorful game for kids with built arcade andobstacles. Small animals controlled by the player, overcomedifficulties. The characters get bonuses in the form of preciousstones for high speed and for the quality of passing eachlevel.Tasks and rules for the user - You control an animal thatyou’ve chosen at the start. This animal turns out to be in a maze.It moves along a narrow path, which breaks sometimes. The main taskof the player is to help the hero to overcome all difficulties onthe road, or rather jump over obstacles, so that the little animaldoesn’t fall in the abyss. You will have to tap jump changedirection to complete the task. Funny little creatures jump andturn thanks toplayer’s reactions.In the kids game tap tap dash, theplayer performs two basic actions, he jumps (taps) and turns. Thechallenge lies in the fact that the speed increases, the locationchanges abruptly, and deadlocks appear suddenly. The player’sattention must be uttermost because the complexity of the route isunpredictable. For example, the distance between turns and cliffsinto the abyss decreases every single second. At the same time, thenumber of obstacles increases. Luminous pointers in the circles arethe hints to help you. You should press on them function "tap jump"in order to achieve the best results when making a deftjump.Interesting details of the game -There is 120 levels in thisgame; having passed them, you climb up the league table, opening upnew possibilities and supplements. Reaching new levels is based onspeed and on game progresses. Therefore, it is advisable not tomake mistakes and not to overuse restart. The difficulty increaseswith the opening of new levels: the speed of hero’s movementbecomes higher, you tap jump change direction, and new path unlock.Also, after transition to the next platform other funny animalsbecome available. The appearance of the original animal jump - thecat - will change. The player himself chooses the image of hishero, if he earns as uffi cient number of points.There is alsoanother additional helping function in the game. It allows you toview the complete travel car dof the animal. For beginners, such anaddition as "the snail" can help to simplify playing by slowingdown the movement of pet.Like other learning games for kids , "TAPTAP DASH" provides an opportunity to open or to buy favoriteanimals. Bright colors, beautiful background design and constantchanges of the character provide avoiding monotony. There is afunction of saving achievements and progress.Rating of charactersand players - The success of the game, or rather of each passedlevel, will be fixed in a special rating table. It gives you anopportunity to see your own game dynamics, and to discover coverthe achievement of other players, including your friends. In thisgame you can share your result with friends in social networks justin one click.Fun pastime, many emotions and pleasure areguaranteed! Tap Tap Dash is a tap game. This is not olny a game forboys or for girls. Both kids and adults will like this arcade withcolorful graphics. Despite the simplicity, the game is reallyenthralling.Here are the main particularities of this application,simple and clear design, colorful graphics, enthralling story,simple installing, big number of levels, games for toddler.Visit usat: Site: Youtube:
Coloring games : coloring book 1.0.21
Kids coloring pages are games for children of all ages, from thesmallest ones to older children, which help to broaden theirhorizons, develop imagination, give an idea of ​​the world aroundthem, make them observant and attentive, give a unique opportunityfor your kids to try themselves in yet another form Children'screativity and feel like a real artist.Educational games help yourkids from early on to learn to distinguish the basic andcharacteristic features of objects, their color, size and shape,distinguish them and establish the simplest relationships betweenobjects, and develop attention, fine motor skills, memory, logicalthinking and color perception.A child can create his own unique andunique world with the help of pencils and paints. When a childdraws or paints a picture, he reveals his inner creative potential.Creating your first masterpieces in the role of the real artist -your kid begins to actively explore the world, to exploreeverything that is happening around, so these games and occupy themost important place in the development and life of thechild.Coloring pages for kids is a great game for every child,which gives an opportunity to learn how to depict various objectsand landscapes, cute and funny little animals. But the main thingthat this game gives is the ability to create and decorate yourfavorite pictures over and over again, change colors and leave themost beautiful option, take the child for a long time and help youwith your baby to spend your free time fun, exciting and with greatbenefit. Such an occupation will never get bored.That's why wecreate games and other applications that help kids in the knowledgeof the world, reveal their potential and creativity.You need onlydownload coloring games for kids and start creating your firstartistic masterpiece.----------------------Be sure to visit ourwebsite at and also we at:Youtube:
Drawing for Kids - Dragon 1.0.8
Drawing colors, drawing for kids - will be interesting for yourkid.All children like coloring games very much. Kids can playcoloring games with their parents and friends or paint colorswithout any help choosing pictures and colors by themselves.Coloring is a fascinating drawing game for kids, and it is a realinnovation among painting apps. Its particularity is that this gamecombines pleasant and creative pastime with education. Whileplaying this game, children learn colors, numbers and letters, anddo it efficiently and in the interesting way.Kids fancy everythingthat is bright and colorful, so they will definitely like Coloringand maybe it will become their favorite game. It is an interactivebaby coloring book that is available at any time and place. Oncethe application is downloaded on one of the devices you possess,the child will have an opportunity to choose one of proposedcoloring pages for kids and start drawing his personal masterpiece!Further more, even adults can enjoy this coloring book if they havenothing else to do, no matter that it is coloring for babies.How toPlay Children's Coloring :In order to open the game, a child justneeds to tap on the application icon. Then the main menu willappear. It is very colorful and captivating; moreover, it is simpleto understand and manage because it only has three big buttons onthe bright background. The yellow play button situated on the topopens the next menu in which children can choose the coloring.There are four sections in this menu. They differ in the way inwhich kids will paint colours. In this colouring game children canpaint along the contour as well as fill entire elements ofpaintings with colors. Another possibility for young artists is tomatch the colours with particular elements of the coloringaccording to numbers or letters marked on each of them. This is aneducative aspect of this Drawing for children, which lets them dotheir first basic steps in elementary education completing wallpainting. At this point babies may need some help and assistancefrom the side of their parents, so Coloring is also a family gamethat lets adults and children spend more time together. Advantagesof Drawing Colors : First, drawing books for kids are first-classhelpers in developing babies' creative potential. This amusing gamecan become the first step on their way to a career connected withcolors, such as painter, designer, and photographer. Thanks toColoring, children will learn to choose and match colors in therelaxing way; and multicolor pencils with funny faces will helpthem memorize colors. Then, drawing games does not only includecoloring pages for girls or boys - it is created for everybody.Both girls and boys will find wall painting to their liking onthese kinds coloring pages. What is more, babies can choosewhatever color they like - the rainbow palette is situated in theright part of the screen, and all shades are bright and beautiful.Finally, the game is easy to play. All elements of a paintingchosen will appear one-by-one after coloring previous part, so thatkids are not at a loss of what to paint first. In addition, a niceand pleasant melody playing in the background creates a friendlyand welcoming atmosphere. Download Drawing for Children :Downloading of this coloring book application on a mobile devicelasts only several minutes, and then a child will be able to starthis adventure in the fascinating world of kids coloring pages. Thegame does not require Internet connection to be played. Therefore,babies can play at home, in a trip, outdoor, alone or with theirfriends and family!Visit us at: Site: Youtube:
Train Wash 1.0.9
Cleaning, maintenance and care of your children's train at the spafrom yovoWhat happens to the trains when they are not in the way?Where does these iron giants after the long-awaited arrival of therailway station? The answers to these questions you can in our app"Train Wash"! Become the head of the station, in which everyonewill find Affairs. Trains are in need of constant care, inspectionand repairs, will be able to cope with this task? Play locomotivecan be easy, but the real work starts at the depot. Trains beforedeparture - to wash, peel and grate to shine.Children game "Washingcars" is a very bright and interesting game forchildren beautiful and funny locomotive. Educational game forchildren to help in the development of fine motor skills andlearning colors and take your baby for a long time! Games forchildren, has never been so spectacular. The child will be able toenjoy a bright and interesting picture and explore the world oftrains with you!Railroad Depot - it is your base, which will be anaction game.You, as the chief of the station, should maintain itsnormal operation, to react quickly to any incident, andtroubleshoot any problems. You - the most important person at thestation and without your personal leadership will not work. You areobliged to ensure that the trains went from the station clean andbeautiful. In addition, about a train game you can not always find,in addition to ordinary wagons and locomotives, even train. Anew fun game for kids "locomotives Cleaning" will help your kidsfeel small machinists and designers. The game has many differentmodels of locomotives, so that the baby will choose a locomotive,which he likes. Steam locomotive to wash using detergent, water,loofah, and then the locomotive can be painted, choose and apply avaried picture, change the wheels. All this is accompanied by fungames, kids developing their capacity for patience andperseverance. "Children train" stands out among the other games ofthe train. In it the child can not only wash the engine, among manysimilar games for children. Taking on the role of chief of therailway station, the responsibility of the player includes thefollowing responsibilities: - Registration of incomingtrains. - Check the integrity of merry locomotive on acolorful pattern, where all the main parts are painted. - Usetools for maintenance and repair of the engine. This is not asimple children's train - there are rules!- Fun Games for children,such as "Train Wash", help the child to develop a variety of skillsand abilities.- The trains are often forgotten luggage - using thelatest equipment in order to find out what's inside and find theluggage owner. - Wash the steam locomotive - not an easy task.On the way to collect a lot of dirt train - Take it with fungames!- New Horizons - moves from station to station, in the newgame about trains for kids, from continent to continent, exploringnew places and doing new tasks. - "Cleaning of trains" - aneducational game for children will be a real canvas for creativity,by which the child will be able to study the internal and externaldevices of the train with the help of educational games. -Improve your train. Funny trains and waiting to put new wheels,paint in fresh, vibrant colors, and they will go to transportpassengers or cargo transport. Take care of train and earn extrapoints to buy new ones.And this is not even a complete list! Cometo the application "Train Wash" and find out what's waiting for younext! A lot of educational games, colorful and bright picture, aswell as fun music that you will repeatedly bring the train inproper form. And do not forget to grab friends!Visit us at: Site: Youtube:
Princess coloring 1.0.8
Coloring: every child is a child fascinated by the creativity. Forhim, this educational game. It allows your child to explore theworld, and parents know what their child fascinated and push him inthe right direction. And what kids love most? Of course, to drawand paint pictures in their own way and come up with someincredible things! Blue grass, yellow and purple sky water - whatyou do not work. But this can be compared with the recognizedmasters of painting. Educational game "Coloring Princess" - this isan old, familiar to us all coloring. With the help of moderntechnology it will give you and your baby a wonderful and excitingtime with the whole family. Unlike other games for kids,educational game "Princess Coloring" give children a set ofbeautiful illustrations, which you can turn into a work of art withtheir own hands and become the great artists of our time! Theapplication is a real innovation amongst other games for children,as it combines two main functions: entertainment and education.Children learn colors, numbers and letters in a playful way thathelps them to efficiently memorize the information. Unliketraditional colorings, here the kids want to learn and develop.This interactive coloring book is constantly updated with newillustrations for young artists. So we will not let you fallasleep. Already from the start you will get more than fifteen greatcolorful paintings for your child!Annex "Coloring girl" has 3stages, which takes place the child in the process ofdrawing:Contour - children encircle drawing on the establishedcircuit, create a sketch of the future masterpiece. Learnperseverance and develop fine motor skills of hands.Colors - Thisphase involves filling color empty areas, the saturation of thepicture bright colors to choose from the kid. It is available in achoice of colors with various shades.Color Sync - a special mode,which is a complicated stage version of "Colors". Here the youngartist would paint a picture in accordance with the specifiedcolor. They are marked with numbers or letters that will help thechild learn not only the color but also the letters. This mode canbe difficult for young creators. This allows you to engage inchild's play adult helpers for families through the game, whichmakes children's coloring app in both children and adults.What elseis attractive coloring for children "Princess Coloring". Inaddition, it trains attention and memory, it also provides anopportunity for young illustrators to plunge into a world whereprincesses, dragons, castles, fairies and unicorns, even live amongthe people; where brave knights on the orders of Prince Charmingprotect the kingdom from the evil dragons. Appendix "Coloring forgirls" is one of the few books colorings, which have a common themeand focus. Here you will not see the mindless paint horses, poniesand butterflies. Even a game about a princess makes the child tolearn, to think and to acquire new knowledge, rather than spendingtime aimlessly in the tablet screen or mobile phone ..Another majoradvantage risovalka application is that it is free to download themobile device. This allows everyone who wants to establish achildren's coloring book on your phone or tablet and enjoy anexciting adventure in the magical world without any extra financialinvestments. Also the game does not require an Internet connection,which means that you can play "princess coloring of the" anywhere:at home, on the train, plane, car and even in a campaign!"Coloringfor girls" - is a great addition to your family vacation. "Coloringgirls" will help your child develop and learn the world!Visit usat: Website: http://yovogames.comYoutube:
Painting cars 1.0.9
All children from childhood are passionate about creativity. Forthem, this is an educational game. In games for kids, they learneverything that happens in the world, and parents learn what hischild is passionate about and help develop children's talents. Andwhat game for the child will approach best? Of course, the coloringof cars, it's brushes, paints and drawing. Color the pictures inyour own way and create incredible things in the form of a teachinggame! You can paint everything - the sky, trees and funny cars -than only your imagination restricts you. This can be compared evenwith recognized masters of painting in a new educational game forchildren - the coloring of a typewriter.What else is attractive inthe children's game "Coloring cars"? In addition to teachingattention and memory, it also provides novice illustrators with theopportunity to immerse themselves in a world in which a tractor,fire engine, jeep, bus and truck will become your reliable means oftransportation. The application "Coloring car" - one of the fewsketchboxes that have a common theme and direction. Here you willnot see the thoughtless colors of trees, houses and roads. Evensuch an application about cars makes a child learn, think andacquire new knowledge, and not aimlessly spend time on the screenof a tablet or mobile phone.Another important advantage of theapplication is that it is absolutely free game. This allows anyoneto install a children's album on their phone or tablet and enjoy anexciting adventure in the world of fast cars without extra money.In addition, the game does not require an Internet connection,which means that you can play coloring for boys anywhere: at home,on a train, plane, car and even on a hike!The application is a trueinnovation among other mobile games, as it combines two mainfunctions: entertainment and education. Children learn to recognizecolors, numbers and letters in the form of a game that helps themto effectively memorize the information they have received. Unlikethe usual drawing room, here children want to learn and develop.This interactive coloring book is constantly supplemented with newillustrations for young artists. Therefore, we will not let youfall asleep. From the very beginning you will receive more thanfifteen wonderful colorful photos of cool cars for your baby, amongwhich there will be a police car, a racing car, a taxi and a cargocar.In the application "Color Auto" there are 4 modes that thechild chooses in the process of drawing:Drawing - Draw every detailof the machine. This regime teaches persistence and develops smallmotor skills of the hands. Also in it there is the possibility offree drawing on a blank sheet. The child can show imagination,paint his car and depict it with bright colors.Colors - this modeinvolves completely flooding with color, not colored parts of thevehicle, saturating the picture with bright colors at the baby'schoice. He is free to choose colors with all shades.Neon lights area special mode, which is a mode of free drawing. Here, a youngartist can draw a drawing with bright, neon lights.Draw a salute -a unique mode for relaxation, draw colorful lines of any shape andsize and see the result! The picture will come alive with a brightsalute!Painting a car is an old, familiar book with drawings. Withthe help of modern technology, it will give you and your child awonderful and fascinating time with the whole family. Unlike othercoloring for girls, the application will give children a set ofillustrations from steep wheelbarrows that you can turn into a realwork of art with your own hands and become great artists of ourtime! But there is even a skating rink and a tap!This is anexcellent addition to family vacations and rest. Draw a car to helpyour child develop and explore the world!Youtube:
Coloring pages for children : transport 1.0.6
From an early age, all the kids love to play, are very inquisitive,through the game they get to know the world around them, they wantto learn something new, are fond of different kinds ofcreativity.One of the types of children's creativity is drawing.For young artists, our new game "Coloring for Children: Transport"is dedicated.Razoukrashki are developing games for children thatwill help kids to discover their inner creative potential, toreveal and develop the hidden potentialities of your child, todevelop attention, memory, imagination, perseverance, and help totrain fine motor skills. Also, coloring makes a child think, learn,help to acquire new knowledge and skills, with pleasure and benefitspend your time.Our games will give your kid the opportunity usingbrushes and paints not only learn how to draw and paint all kindsof pictures, but also introduce the child to various means oftransportation. In the form of a game, the kids will find out whatkinds and types of transport exist. The choice of the game providesa large number of different vehicles - from a fun bike to a hugespace ship.To learn how to draw beautifully the kid will have touse his imagination and imagination, to put a little zeal anddiligence. After all, fantasy has no boundaries, so you can come upwith and draw everything you want, or choose the picture you likeand paint it in any color you like.Also, the drawing tool makes itpossible to create drawings from scratch, and in the "color" mode -choose the image you like and fill in the painted parts of vehicleswith any of the selected flowers, while saturating your artworkwith bright colors and shades. And the most unusual andfantastically beautiful mode is "neon lights". In it, a youngartist can paint his masterpiece with bright neon colors, turning aregular picture into a real work of art.All the skills andabilities that will acquire when playing coloring games will bevery useful for successful schooling and further life. You can playand learn absolutely anywhere: in nature, at home and eventraveling the world.We learn to draw and in the process of playingdevelop our creative abilities, turning into great artists of ourtime. Develop your children with our game of coloring for kids.Justneed to download the drawing for free and go to the world ofunbridled imagination, learning and playing to create unimaginablebeauty works and drawings. Be sure to visit ourhttp://yovogames.comYoutube:
Coloring pages for children: animals 1.0.3
All adults have known that drawing is the best way to reveal anddevelop the hidden potential of the child, to awaken in him acreative interest. And the most exciting games for girls and boyscan help in this - decorations. Coloring books are developing gamesfor kids of all ages. They help to expand the horizon of the baby,give an idea of ​​the world that surrounds him, teach him attentionand observation, give an opportunity to learn to draw, givepleasure and joy, a festive and cheerful mood. To develop a child'sability to think creatively, be attentive and observant, have goodmemory and logical thinking, improve color perception andimagination is the best way to start drawing. Coloring books forchildren are games that allow you to learn a lot of new andinteresting things, apply the knowledge you have gained, and mostimportantly - help your beginning artist learn such skills as -draw a landscape, picture or an object, highlight its main features- shape, color and size . All this in the future will help thechild successfully learn and develop harmoniously. In our newexciting game, we draw and decorate funny animals, variouslandscapes and objects, we have the opportunity to decorate funnypictures, learn how to draw neon pens, colored pencils and paints.All that is needed for this is effort, diligence and the desire tolearn something new. In the finished paintings can easily replacethe colors, pictures can be decorated many times.Coloring gameswill help your child to have a lot of fun, entertaining and usefulto spend their time, bring joy and pleasure.That's why we createeducational games for children, whose goal is to develop the innerworld of kids and their creative potential. All you need is todownload the coloring pages and start creating your own unique,colorful and fabulous world. Do not forget to visit our website athttp://yovogames.comTwitter:
Car wash : for famaly 1.0.2
In our modern and very turbulent life no one can do without cars.Various machines and mechanisms help us very much, they daily workfor us, making our life comfortable, pleasant and convenient.We arevery pleased to present our exciting developmental game forchildren "Car Wash". Little children are very fond of playing insmall cars. But mischief-makers get dirty very quickly and you musthelp them. For this, there is a place that will make them sparkleand make your eyes look clean - a car wash. Our car wash is a veryinteresting and exciting game. In it, your kids will find the mostmodern and new equipment for washing their cars. With its help,your children will be able to carefully and very carefully bringtheir cars in order and make them very clean.Our fleet will amazethem with its diversity - motorcycles, buses, trucks and cars. Yourchild will like it very much. To your baby could feel like a realyoung motorist, who performs one of the most important and veryuseful works - you need to download and install on your mobiledevice a game - car washing.When your child chooses a car that helikes, he will thoroughly wash it using various means for washing,brush the dirt with a brush, soap it with a washcloth, wash itclean with running water, and then wipe it dry. Also replace theold ugly and worn wheels with the newest and most modern ones. Atthe end of all this, you will need to paint the repaired and washedcar in any of the available colors. But it is very important andinteresting that your kid has the opportunity to paint on his careverything he wants, or paste a new, colorful and brightsticker.Carrying out all these actions your child, decorating hiscar, will try his hand at such an interesting profession -designer. All our educational games for children help your kidsdevelop attention, assiduity, fine motor skills, will help to studycolors. This bright and exciting game will bring your child manyinteresting and unforgettable moments of delight from the fact thathe creates something with his own hands.This is unforgettable andthe skills will be very useful for the child in later life. Do notforget to visit our website at http://yovogames.comTwitter:
Car Wash - Monster Truck 1.0.4
Practically all boys and girls love games about cars, and many ofthem, playing such wonderful games, imagine themselves the driverof this car - from a conventional subcompact to the most modernhigh-speed car. We are pleased to introduce our new exciting gamefor kids - "Car Wash - Monster Truck". In this game are not smallcars, but the real monster of the track, which is very dirty in thelast competition and you just have to come to their rescue. Forthis they arrived in a place where they will be washed and begin toshine with cleanliness - this is a car wash. Our game - car wash,is very interesting and exciting, suitable for the smallest loversof car cleaning, and for the older age group. Here you will findthe most modern car wash equipment, with which you can verycarefully and carefully bring your four-wheeled friends clean andtidy. Our car park is very diverse, your child will be delightedand will receive many positive emotions. After you choose the caryou like, you need to clean it thoroughly from dirt and, using allkinds of detergents and a washcloth, thoroughly wash, soap and dirtto rinse with clean water, and in the end - to polish the body andwipe it dry. Then you will have to replace the old worn and uglywheels with the most modern ones. After the cars are cleaned up,they will need to be repainted in any of the presented colors, andthere is also an opportunity to paint everything that they want onthe typewriter, stick a colorful, bright and original sticker.Allthese actions to decorate the car will enable you and your child totest their strength in a very interesting and wonderful profession- a car designer. All educational games for children help todevelop memory, assiduity, attention and fine motor skills, tostudy colors. A fascinating and bright game will bring your child alot of positive emotions, unforgettable moments of joy and delightfrom the understanding that the child creates something with hisown hands. If you want your kid to feel like a real motorist,performing a very important, responsible and extremely useful work- you just need to download and install our new game - this is carwash. Do not forget to visit our website athttp://yovogames.comTwitter:
Painting : Robots 1.0.3
Many people ask themselves: how to learn to draw? And the answer toit is obvious and simple. To help us with this can be suchwonderful and interesting developing games - like coloring. Meetour new game from the series of educational games for children -"Painting robots" In our game you will find a large number ofpictures of cheerful robots, who took on the face of both peopleand amusing dinosaurs. Your task is very simple, but at the sametime it is very entertaining and interesting to decorate thecoloring pages, while receiving a lot of positive emotions andhaving a lot of fun in spending your free time, because coloring isvery fun and informative. Our coloring books for kids allow you tocreate your own pictures, paint and decorate with pencils, paints,neon markers. At will the kid can change colors, choose which onehe likes more. Attaching a little effort and diligence - you willget very bright and interesting pictures with rich colors. Withyour new masterpiece, your baby can then share with family and bestfriends. It's not a secret that children's coloring is the best wayto develop your child's mindfulness, imagination, observation,broaden your horizons and give an idea of ​​the surrounding world,develop a color perception. Drawing for children gives a uniqueopportunity, using pencils and paints, to learn how to depictobjects, highlight their shape and color, help develop memory andfine motor skills, learn to create their first artisticmasterpieces and feel like a real artist. It is with the goal ofcomprehensive development and disclosure of the creative potentialof your kids that we also create developing applications andcoloring games for children. You only need to download the coloringpages and install them on your phone or tablet. Robots paintinggame will help you to start your journey in creativity, and verysoon you will be pleasantly surprised from the result.______________________________________________________Do not forgetto visit our website at http://yovogames.comTwitter:
Ship wash 1.0.2
In this world there is no more beautiful sight than a ship inthesea. But any boat is especially beautiful when it shineswithcleanliness. Therefore, we are proud to present to you our newgamefrom the series of free games for children: "Ship wash". Inthiswonderful game of your choice will be presented various ships,suchas: a small yacht, fishing boat, submarine, pirate ship, ship,andthe largest ship - aircraft carrier, as well as many othershipsthat arrived at the port. After strong storms, they just needageneral cleaning, cleaning the bottom of the rust, paintingandthey need to be thoroughly washed. The variety of ships inthisgame will pleasantly surprise your baby, the child will get alotof positive emotions and will just be delighted. After choosingtheship you like, you will need to clean it very well fromshellsadhering to the bottoms, using detergents anddetergents,thoroughly rinsed of dirt, rinsed with clean water, andwiped drywith a towel. And after your baby will wash the ship tohim - thepainting of the chosen ship is to be done. Also on anyship you candraw a beautiful picture or paste a bright sticker, andthen,already beautiful and clean, send it to the sea. Decoratingships,your child will test his strength in an amazing andveryinteresting profession - a designer.Developing games forchildren,such as washing the ship, will help children developmemory,perseverance and attention, develop small motor skills andhelpthem learn the colors. This exciting game will bring your childalot of bright emotions and unforgettable moments of delightfromthe fact that your kid is creating something with his ownhands. Besure to visit our website athttp://yovogames.comTwitter:
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