Piktures - Beautiful Gallery
Piktures is a super simple to use, yet hyper rich gallery app.WHAT’S UNIQUE ABOUT PIKTURES? You won't find any gallery that makesit faster to access your photos. To access your folders, justslide right. To access your cloud drives or your secure drive,slide again on the right. Piktures has almost everything you wantfrom a gallery but it also has some features that you won’t findanywhere else. You love taking photos with multiple camera apps? Noproblem, you can launch the native camera as well as any of yourcamera apps from Piktures You’re an artist juggling with multipleediting apps? Piktures gives you access to all your editors withoutforcing you to choose one. You sometimes need to scan a QR code butdon’t want an app for that? We got you covered. Piktures comes witha super convenient QR code scanner You don’t want to use too muchdata while sharing photos? No problem, Piktures helps you resizephotos before sharing. You can even remove your GPS information formore privacy You’ve got a collection of movies with multipleformats? While Piktures has a powerful video player, you can alsochoose which video players to play your video without committing toa main player ACCESS YOUR CLOUD PHOTOS & VIDEOS Piktures allowsyou to access your photos disseminated on multiple cloud services.It currently supports Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox and newcloud services will be added in the coming months. Please note weare not associated with neither Google, Microsoft and Dropbox.ACCESS YOUR SD-CARD & HARD DRIVES You may also have photos onyour internal SD cards and an external hard drive. Piktures let youaccess and manage your photos on your SD cards. For externaldrives, Piktures supports the USB OTG standard that let you accessthem when they are formatted in FAT16 and FAT32 HIDE PHOTOS WITH ASECRET DRIVE Hide your most private photos behind an encryptedSecret Drive that only you can access with a PIN code or yourfingerprint PLAY VIDEO & GIF Piktures comes with an integratedvideo player and supports animated GIF.  New photo and videoformats are constantly added to the list of supported files CALENDAR VIEW Piktures offers a unique calendar view to browse yourphotos in an original way. It is very convenient if you want to getquickly to your birthday party's photos SHARE  Piktures allowsyou to resize and remove location before sharing BEAM TO A TVThrough the support of Chromecast, you can beam your photos andvideos to your TV. Other protocols such as DLNA and Airplay arebeing developed.  CAMERAS & QR CODES If you are a powercamera users, you probably have multiple camera apps on your phone.Piktures is the only gallery apps allowing you to access yournative and all your third party camera apps  Piktures alsocomes with a super convenient QR code scanner with its owndedicated folder to retrieve your previously scanned QR codes. NOADS Most of the features are available for FREE, with no ads. FREE& PREMIUM VERSION The premium version is meant for power userswho have multiple simultaneous clouds. Since there are no ads, itis our way to support the development of Piktures. YOU WANT MOREFROM PIKTURES? WE ♥ to talk to our users! If you have any feedback,questions or concerns, please email us at: [email protected] on twitter @ http://twitter.com/Diune Online help:http://help.diune.com/help_center Piktures is designed by Diune
Clean - SD Simple Disk Cleaner 1.14
No more space on your phone? Cleanhelps you figure out which are the files who are taking the mostspace on your phone and helps you safely cleans files, apps andcached data.It comes with some GREAT Features:►BROWSE FILES & APPS• Photo, video, music, folders and files• Applications and application caches►DELETE ITEMS• Delete multiple files and items in one go• Back-up and restore your apps►SD CARD OVERVIEW• Overview of your disk spaceTHIS IS A FREE TRIAL FOR 3-MONTH.
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