Albantani Education Apps

Belajar Anak Cerdas Usia Dini 1.2.0
Aplikasi ini untuk anak-anak usia dini belajar mengenal huruf,angka, serta mengenal hewan-hewan dan dilengkapi bermainpuzzle,aplikasi ini disertai suara untuk memudahkan anakmengenalnya tinggal disentuh object nya. Semoga aplikasi ini bisabermanfaat untuk anak-anak kita yang pintar. Terima kasih Thisapplication for early age children learn to recognize letters,numbers, and get to know the animals and include puzzles, theapplication is accompanied by the sound to facilitate the child toknow his stay untouched object. Hopefully, this application can beuseful for our kids smart. thank you
Belajar Anak Usia Dini 2.0.0
Bimbingan Belajar Anak untuk Usia Dini: 1. Belajar mengenal hurufabjad A sd Z 2. Mengenal angka 3. Belajar huruf Hijaiyyah 4.Mengenal jenis buah-buahan 5. lagu anak-anak terdiri sepuluh laguanak Indonesia 6. Belajar menulis huruf abjad Child Guidance forEarly Age: 1. Learn to recognize the letters of the alphabet A to Z2. Know numbers 3. Learn Hijaiyyah letters 4. Know the types offruits  5. Children's songs consist of ten Indonesianchildren's songs  6. Learn to write letters of the alphabet
Education Coloring Pictures for Children 0.1
Every child likes coloring games,which can motivate and developchildrens imagination.This is a wonderful coloring game for kidswith many pictures like animals,flowers and fruits.Your kids andyou can save coloring pictures in your phone.This is aplicationeducational and fun your kids and thank you very much for learningwith albantani Education.
Belajar Anak Mengenal Hewan Usia Dini 1.3.0
Aplikasi anak-anak untuk usia dini mengenalkan hewan-hewan yangberada di daratan maupun di laut yang didalamnya terdapat permainanantara lain : * Bermain puzzle hewan di daratan * Bermain puzzlehewan di Laut Melatih ketrampilan anak dengan bermain puzzlesekaligus belajar mengenal hewan-hewan yang hidup di daratan dan dilaut dengan cara yang menyenangkan. Aplikasi ini juga bisa jadireferensi untuk pendidikan anak usia dini (PAUD). Applicationschildren to age prematurely introduce animals that were on land andat sea in which there are games such as: * Play puzzle animals onland * Play puzzle animals at Sea Coaching skills of children withpuzzles at the same time learn about the animals that live on landand at sea in a fun way. This application can also be a referenceto early childhood education (ECD).
Indonesian Children Song 1.3.1
The Application this song of 20 song children of Indonesian isfamous until today.
Learn Doa for Childrens 1.2.0
Application learn prayer for children as follows: - Sholat fardhu -Sholat sunnah - Daily prayers activities - Pray short from theQuran This application is easy to use for childrens because thereare audio read to helped
Catch Ghost The Games 0.1
It's game were you can catch ghosts easily of the screen. In everyhigher level are more ghost per second. Thats my first app for gameso i really hoppe for feedback from you, if you have ideas aboutthe game, this game just really fun.
Fidget Spinner 1.0
Your Fidget Spinner wherever you feel like your head is blowing upwith stress and worry
Game Fruit Matching 0.1
Fruit matching game have fun and easy * How to Play* Touch the samefruit, Match all fruits to clear the level
Flappy Airplane Game 0.1
Flappy Airplane game,simple.tap to make your plane fly higner anddon't hit the walls.If you fail from the first time try again andagainHow to play?- Tap to make your plane flap higher.- Avoid Thewalls.- Get your score by passing between the walls.Enjoy forGame..
Flight Down Free 0.1
The game Flight down free is simple and everyone can use every timeand everywhere,the player must jump on the platforms and not falldown.Enjoy for game...
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